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Dear friends
David Brower wants to empty Lake Powell; trail builder Gudy Gaskill visits.
If politics is a baseball game, I don't even own a bat
Post election musings by a Western Democrat consider why Republicans won so easily and what new strategies environmentalists need to learn.
Heard around the West
Dogs vs. grizzlies in Glacier N.P.; deer in gardens; squirrel steals keys; growth in Colo., and FDR on trial in school; Imnaha, Ore., holds Bear & Rattlesnake Feed; "Floating Preference" want ad; Enid Greene plans book; boom & bust with Smokey Bear.
Dear friends
What happened at elections, Phyllis Becktell leaves HCN, something familiar, communications.
Meanwhile, on the street
In Durango, Colo., passions about A-LP still run high - with former Mayor Jeff Morrissey cited by police for harassing two anti-A-LP women.
Cease-fire called on the Animas-La Plata front
Colorado's Animas-La Plata project - the last of the big BuRec projects, and the most mired in controvery - is tackled by opponents and proponents who seek consensus.
She works to save the past
Longtime HCN reader Ann Phillips is an educational consultant turned archaeologist.
What happens when "True Grit" meets "Easy Rider'
"Utopian Vistas: The Mabel Dodge Luhan House and the American Counterculture" by Lois Palken Rudnick is reviewed.
Heard around the West
Rebuilt hwy floods Murray, Idaho; canned salmon endangered by consumers; faithful rats; dark side of Grand Junction, Colo.; wolves harass skiers in Washington; Rep. Charles Taylor loses wager on logging; religiously segregated Colorado cemetery.
Dear friends
HCN board meeting in Driggs, Idaho; Writers on the Range at HCN; fall visitors; research fund drive; correction.
Heard around the West
Mining and sea-captaining in Vail; Boy Scouts stone California bear; mountain lions chase mountain bikers and domestic pets; illegal immigrants disrespectful of horse trailer; park volunteers; tourist railroad billed for forest fire.
Heard around the West
The Cody, Wyo., "Boobyprise"; Andy Kerr a controversial columnist for Oregon's "Wallowa Chieftain"; Immigration raids disrupt Jackson, Wyo., tourist season; unexpected balloon adventure in Vail, Colo.; grizzly that mauled a man in Glacier Nat'l Park.
Heard around the West
Bikers invade Steamboat Springs, Vail Ski Area expansion, unusual parade in Casper, Wyo., Forest Service bills campers for fire in N.M., stupid tourist remarks, Gov. Gary Johnson thinks there are wolves in N.M., fun things to do at Western Planners Conf.
A radical water czar is cashiered by his board
The firing of Colorado River Water Conservation District secretary-engineer Rolly Fischer after 28 years marks the end of a profligate era.
Dear friends
Paonia's Cherry Days festival, summer visitors, corrections, and Mollie Beattie, U.S. Fish & Wildlife head, dies of cancer at age 49, also obituary for Harley Greiman by Ed Marston.
Bringing back grizzlies splits environmentalists
What seems on the surface to be a successful consensus effort to restore grizzlies to central Idaho and western Montana has provoked a bitter split among Northern Rockies environmentalists many of whom believe the plan will harm bears rather than help.
For further reading
Sid Goodloe
Sid Goodloe, in his own words, discusses how to be a good steward of the land while making a living at ranching.
Stephen Pyne
Author and fire historian Stephen Pyne talks about the role of fire in the Southwestern landscape.
Experts line up on all sides of the tree-grass debate
Western university biologists and botanists dispute Goodloe's theories - from several viewpoints.
Raising a ranch from the dead
Raising a ranch from the dead
Rancher Sid Goodloe battles pinon-juniper and uses a variety of controversial methods to restore his ranchland in New Mexico.
Tactics first, ideas last
The Media and Democracy Conference in San Francisco showed alternative media as too mired in the "60s and in political correctness to thoughtfully address realities of the "90s.
Monoculture meets its match in North Dakota
John Gardner represents a new breed of agricultural "specialized generalists" who want to help Dakota farmers reclaim the food system.
Dear Friends
Corrections, it's easy to run HCN, visitors, remembering James Gould Bradley, Colorado conferences.
Heard around the West
Navajo football broadcast, George Nethercutt not a good listener, fish visitors comment, Wanaleiya resort in Nevada, Iowa romance, cold weather in the Dakotas, big and little DIAs.
Dear friends
Colorado Springs board meeting, long-range planning, index and superindex, Tony Davis wins award, Adam Duerk recovers from fall.
Heard around the West
Pizza-eating wolf, Crow Nation loses rights to Big Horn Nat'l Forest, football in Lyman, Wyo., retirement benefits for Alan Simpson and Pat Schroeder, Linda Hasselstrom overhears conversation about Jackson and Wyoming, taxi drivers at DIA.
The thing about the West is that every jerk is figuring out how to rip up the landscape, and the laws in the West let him
In his own words, an anonymous retired East Coast businessman explains his disillusionment with the West and his decision not to buy property there.
Heard Around the West
Small town getting too big; four-wheel drive dangers; economic whimpers from Los Alamos; political wackiness in the NW; carting salmon around Elk Creek Dam; thrifty farmers; Navajo language wins wars; snakes in Navajo schools.
A few modest principles to help us manage Utah's public lands
The Old West and the New West need to work together in trying to preserve the far-from-pristine West that still remains.
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