Items by Betsy Marston

The joys of 'virtual hiking'
Who needs the outdoors anyway? Also, how to sell your husband
When a bear drives a Prius
Plus a wild wolf encounter and imposter journalism
"Wear a condom now, save the spotted owl"
Human population control for wildlife, and the proud homeless of Moab
Bringing it home, keeping it wild
Offshore jobs return to Idaho; bear-attracting neighbors meet the Lake Tahoe Wall of Shame
Of things falling
RVs and phone books, for example
Guns, wolves, and graves
A politically incorrect gun raffle, a howling wolf hunt, and how to compost yourself
Surfing on a shark
And the manliness of mining
Taking scissors to a dam
And "the hottest event of the year that no one will attend"
Of Segways and stickshifts
Cops in Montana test a new pursuit vehicle. Wyoming carjackers forget how to drive
'Never again'
Wyoming interpretive center opens to promote learning from Japanese internment experience.
Redwoods or red wine?
California wineries hope to log 2,000 acres of redwoods to grow more grapes. Bottle of pinot to go with that clearcut?
Mules matter
A parade goes awry, and snow blocks resupply trains
Child abuse or good old-fashioned fun?
Mutton-busting takes off across the country
HCN stories win awards
HCN stories win awards
Two HCN stories win recent awards; summer visitors come to call; catching up with former intern Lisa McKhann.
Poison plants, attack of the mountain goats
Watch where you pee in Olympic National Park
Bear-fighting poodles and Muslim dust storms
Ferocious animals in Washington state and ferocious xenophobes in Arizona
Rainbow gatherings and border art
Group does great at "Leave No Trace"
Guns and Arizona congressmen, airplane blowouts
Pointing a loaded gun at a journalist isn't cool.
HCN enters the digital world
HCN enters the digital world
HCN board and staff discuss digital media; visitors; correction.
The criminals who built the West
Mobsters that raise cattle and develop cities
Tourist trouble
Cost of embellishing rock art: $10,000
For the love of a job
...despite the murders, tragedy and gore
Mule versus machine
U.S. military contemplates sending good old pack animals to Afghanistan
Abreast of the West
Birdbrains in the military, a paratriathlon champion and sprinkler thieves
Not as bad as it seems
Idahoans tremble in fear of wolf attacks; border patrol agents are bored
Dry times
Emptying houses and water troughs around the West
Back on your feet
Tales of heroic recovery
Lady Liberty v the Statue of Libertines
USPS confuses cultural icons for postage stamp design
Upholding the right to take naps
But not to photograph geysers up close
Plans foiled
PETA protests Tenderloin District and "watchgator" fails to interrupt police raid
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