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Sierra Club moves to fortify its 'drain Lake Powell' campaign
The Sierra Club's endorsement of draining Lake Powell spurs controversy about dam deconstruction as well as the club's decision-making policy and whether it was violated.
Dear friends
Research fund; fixing a glitch; September board meeting; visitors.
We're much stronger together
In his own words, environmental attorney and Quincy Library Group member Michael Jackson discusses the group.
I was always welcomed there
In her own words, environmentalist Terry Terhaar discusses her positive experience with the Quincy Library Group.
My experience with the Quincy group wasn't positive
In her own words, environmentalist Erin Noel discusses her negative experience with the Quincy Library Group.
The stress was very heavy
In her own words, Rose Comstock of California Women in Timber discusses how she overcame her reservations to try to work with the Quincy Library Group.
We may be seeing the devolution of the environmental movement
In his own words, Undersecretary of Agriculture Jim Lyons discusses the Quincy Library Group and its larger meaning for the country as a whole.
The timber wars evolve into a divisive attempt at peace
The Quincy Library Group's controversial forest plan comes out of a long struggle for consensus, and many environmentalists worry that the plan and its passage into law will set a dangerous precedent.
Yellowstone at 125: The park as a sovereign state
As Yellowstone National Park celebrates its 125th birthday, it continues to struggle with the surrounding states over wildlife management and other questions.
Dear friends
Out of the hot (visitors); in other news (Jon Christensen writing for New York Times).
Foreman finds hope amid ecological rubble
Environmentalist Dave Foreman, in a talk in Paonia, Colo., praises conservation biology as a way to restore the wild, but hesitates to offer on-the-ground details of the cure.
Not for aggies only
Oregon's new magazine, "Capital Press," covers agricultural issues in the Northwest.
Dear Friends
Summer skipped issue; in memory of Marge Higley; Paul Larmer to direct Writers on the Range; share reading lists or books with a Denver community center; connecting to the West.
Dear Friends
Word from Gretchen; corrections, including Charlotte Black Elk; about guns and such (Myles Rademan), diversity; a new look for HCN; May 31 board meeting; advice; and call them fellows.
Dear Friends
Please send correct addresses; thank you, Erwin and Peggy Bauer, for donating photos; Anne and George Norris and deer in the dinette in Somerset; in other news, and visitors.
Dear friends
Feedback; Manas magazine returns to life; new interns Jamie Murray and Alan Schussman.
Dear friends
Spring visitors, feedback, HCN's potluck in Paonia May 31
Dear Friends
Big Sky apology, reader surveys, research fund feedback, extravagant responses to April Fools, the Unabomber, spring intern Emily Miller.
The information dirt road
A report titled "The Information Dirt Road" says that rural areas such as western Colorado are being shortchanged by the deregulation of telecommunications.
The burning barrel
A film called "The Burning Barrel," intended for PBS, offers a nostalgic portrait of a South Dakota childhood and a grim view of the present.
Dear Friends
Plaudits for Frank and Deborah Popper; visitors, corrections, and Rob Pudim's "consensus cartoon" comes home.
Dear friends
Small-town post offices, spring visitors, Henrietta Hay visits, HCN overwhelmed by job applicants.
A newsman's overview of Willapa
In his own words, editor Matt Winters of the Chinook Observer gives his view of the Willapa Alliance.
A 1,000-year plan for Willapa Bay
Alana Probst in her own words on creating sustainable economies for Washington's Willapa Bay.
Dear friends
Out for birds at N.M.'s Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge; HCN board meeting in Socorro, N.M.; 19,000 readers; subscription raise; obituary for Ruth Hutchins.
Hunters get standing
A Colorado judge rules that hunters can sue the state for using money collected from taxes on hunters and fishermen to purchase land near Rifle for a prison site.
Dear friends
Board meeting and potluck in Socorro, N.M.; HCN's growing pains and direct mail; winter intern Danielle Desruisseaux; in other news; thank you, Ginnie Newsom.
Denying the warts on the West's service economy
Reviewing Thomas Michael Power's "Lost Landscapes and Failed Economies," HCN's publisher disputes the author's conclusion that the West's new service economy will create the best of all possible worlds.
Belonging to the West
The photographs of Eric Paddock in his new book, "Belonging to the West," celebrate the ordinary landscapes that are the heart of the West.
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