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Balancing act
Balancing act
A look at how Western state governments are managing their budget shortfalls.
HCN Reader Photo: Teton Summer
A taste of what will come: long days with great views.
HCN Reader Photo: Hopeful
A tiny tree grows
HCN Reader Photo: Spring blooms
Aprium blossom in Fresno, Calif.
HCN Reader Photo: Eagle in Winter
Winter landscape, swooping eagle
Reader Photo - Cowboy Up
A classic Western image, in black and white
Reader Photo - Red Aspen Leaves
HCN reader photos show the multicolored hues of fall in the West.
Reader Photo: Ice on Hall Mountain
Is it winter yet? This week's HCN reader photo points to yes.
Reader Photo - Basque Dancers
Basque Dancers at the Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Idaho - an image of the West's cultural diversity.
HCN Reader Photo: Yellowstone Thermal Pool
This week's reader photo - a thermal pool in Yellowstone with supersaturated colors, taken on film.
Reader Photo: Angel Peak
Angel Peak in sepia-tone antique photo style
HCN Reader Photo: Pronghorns in Montana
HCN's reader Flickr photo of the week
This Week's HCN Reader Photo
High Country News picks a favorite photo from our reader-submitted Flickr pool.
Climate cash-in
Western farmers and ranchers using progressive land-management techniques can make a few bucks from the new carbon market – but some critics say it won’t lead to any real reduction in carbon emissions.
Terms of endangerment
The Endangered Species Act’s categories of endangered, threatened, experimental essential, experimental nonessential, and safe harbor release are defined
Bred for success
The Peregrine Fund has mastered the art of breeding aplomado falcons and other endangered birds of prey, but critics say the organization is blind to the importance of wildlife habitat
Safety first
Steve Ficklin is an oil and gas safety inspector for the Bureau of Land Management in western Colorado
Tribes tackle taggers
Rural Indian communities such as Colorado’s Ute Mountain Ute Reservation are seeing a disturbing rise in urban-style gangs and gang-related violence
Falcon's future rests on a definition
Endangered aplomado falcons already in New Mexico may lose protection under a controversial Fish and Wildlife Service plan to release captive-bred birds as a "nonessential experimental population."
The wild, wild weather
Whatever the cause, the weather in the West this last year has been wild and wacky
War on (eco) terror extends to the West
Four people charged with arson in the 1998 Vail ski resort fires in Colorado are among 13 defendants indicted in Oregon and accused of "domestic terrorism."
Solar companies roll the dice
Two new companies have proposed building the largest solar power plant in the world near Deming, N.M.
Montana court acknowledges water linkage
Montana’s Supreme Court rules that groundwater and surface water are connected, in a ruling that will affect water rights and development across the state
Dear friends
Welcome, new interns Stephanie Paige Ogburn and Allison Gerfin; Southwest Research and Information Center celebrates 35 years; Wendell Duffield wants to know what happened to the U.S. Geological Survey
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