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The basin has a much-ballyhooed plan
The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Project, a controversial proposal for managing federal land in the Northwest, may be near approval after six years of work.
The Wayward West
New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici proposes bill for thinning forests; Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio vs. fee demo enforcement; Canada geese in Washington to be killed; Utah Rep. Jim Hansen vs. new monumts; employers want new work visas for foreigners.
The Wayward West
San Rafael Swell bill is pulled; Al Gore pledges to protect roadless forests; California state park fees cut in half; gas pipeline companies disregard safety.
Seattle passes on greenhouse gases
Seattle wants to meet future electricity needs without increasing greenhouse gases through coal and other fossil fuels.
The Wayward West
Craters of the Moon expanded in Idaho; Colo. gold-mining company sues Montana over anti-cyanide heap-leaching law; EPA's Bill Yellowtail suspended during investigation; Allan Elias gets 17 years for exposing employee to cyanide; not that many cows in NV.
Look at that big plant!
Some fertilizer sold in Washington since 1998 contained uranium and other nuclear wastes.
The Wayward West
Pres. Clinton's new nat'l monument in CA's Sequoia Nat'l Forest; snowmobiles not welcome in most nat'l parks; Yellowstone N.P. can cash in on "bioprospecting" microbes; Clinton vetoes bill to send nuclear waste to Yucca Mtn., Nev.; Mexican spotted owls.
A growing movement in green
Green-labeling for forest products is becoming more common throughout the country, but not all green labels are created equal.
Ludlow Massacre memorialized
Joanna Sampson's booklet, "Remember Ludlow!", tells the story of the Ludlow Massacre, when National Guard troops fired on striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colo., in 1914.
'It's my dream'
Russian-born Elena Bernlohr describes her journey from railroad construction engineering in Moscow to working as a bookkeeper for the Breckenridge, Colo., Music Festival.
'There are no support networks here'
In her own words, Polish immigrant Aldona Sobiecki talks about the Polish community in Breckenridge, Colorado.
Unions take a gamble on California tribes
In California, a new law opens the door to union organizing in 58 Indian-owned casinos in the state.
'Women are the backbone of the union'
In her own words, banquet server Peggy Pierce talks about life in Las Vegas and women in the union.
The drive to organize
Geoconda Arguello-Kline describes her work as an organizer for the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas, Nevada.
At your service
In Las Vegas, strong unions help service workers achieve the kind of prosperity and security seldom reached by the working-class people of the West's non-union resort towns.
The Wayward West
The Conservation Fund preserves open space in Colo.; Idaho coalition sues USFS over roadless policy; Western GOPs seek 10-year deadline for designating wilderness; judge rules four Lower Snake dams must comply with Clean Water Act; Canada lynx is listed.
The Wayward West
Rosebud Sioux can't halt hog farm; illegal aliens caught near Douglas, Ariz.; Yosemite toad and mtn. yellow-legged frog in danger; Lolo Nat'l Forest, Mont., off-limits to snowmobiles; George W. Bush promises not to breach Snake River dams.
Tern terror
The Army Corps of Engineers is trying to figure out how to relocate the 10,000 pairs of Caspian terns nesting on Rice Island at the mouth of the Columbia - and eating millions of young salmon.
The Wayward West
Babbitt plans "national landscape monuments"; Phoenix air pollution; Animas-La Plata rises again; Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman's ideas on storing nuclear waste; lawsuit over Makah Indians' right to hunt gray whales.
A simpler salmon plan
Jay W. Nicholas uses simple language and colorful watercolors to explain Oregon's salmon recovery plan in his book "Down to the Sea."
How green is your politico?
In Washington state, TV commercials use Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," to inform voters about how candidates up for re-election have voted on green issues.
A spick-and-span plan
The state of Oregon has ordered Portland to reduce sewage overflow into the Willamette River by 94 percent by 2011, but City Commissioner Dan Saltzman says the pollution problem is more complex than that.
A dredging dilemma
Environmentalists, scientists, Indian tribes and other locals are appalled by the Army Corps of Engineers' plan to dredge the Columbia River so bigger strips can move between the Columbia River Estuary and Portland.
The Wayward West
Earth Liberation Front fire destroys Boise Cascade headquarters in Oregon; Great Basin Nat'l Park now cattle-free; treesitter Julia "Butterfly" Hill comes down; BP Amoco plans coal-bed gas wells in La Plata County, CO; mining in Siskiyou Nat'l Forest.
Fund remembers student of science
The Matt Clow Endowment, created by Clow's parents in memory of their son, will support the fisheries research of a Montana State University graduate student.
Clean-air program may suffocate
In Washington, a tax-slashing ballot initiative is going to hurt the state's clean-air program.
The Wayward West
Babbitt proposes new nat'l monuments in AZ and CA; Nev.'s Paiute Tribe can control water from Truckee River; N.M. charges illegal hazardous waste sent to WIPP; North Fork at ID's Payette River stays free-flowing; NPS lays off 700 law-enforcement workers.
GASP! Some greens are grinning
As the year 1999 ends, environmentalists can point to some victories, particularly in roadless area protection, dam dismantling and hardrock mining control.
The Wayward West
Babbit plan lets Nevada, California and Arizona store and sell surplus Colorado River water; Al Gore wants to tax mining companies; judge rules prison can stay in wildlife area near Delta, Colo.; offensive word "squaw" to be changed in geographic names.
The Wayward West
Chronic wasting disease strikes elk in Mont.; Columbia River's Hanford Reach now part of Saddle Mtn. wildlife refuge; Puget Sound bull trout listed as endangered; a bill is passed to give $3 billion for land purchases and wildlife conservation programs.
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