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Dear friends
Activist Connie Harvey celebrates 70th birthday in Aspen, Colo.; visitors by modem and phone; God leads HCN subscribers; oops: HCN booboos.
After the fires, Part I
An introduction to this issue's lead story and the next talks about the need for changes in the Forest Service's fire policy, especially in the West.
Dear Friends
Putting California on HCN's map; visitors; death of conservationist and musician Paul Todd.
Dear Friends
Remember the Alamo (intern updates); 2000 index; hellos from visitors; goodbye to Janet Kauffman.
Dear Friends
January board meeting in Phoenix; Beyond the (political) revolution; HCN for politicians; new interns Kirsten Bovee and Matt Jenkins; contradistinguishing cows.
'No one is at the steering wheel'
Lora Lucero of the New Mexico chapter of the American Planning Association talks about the need to balance local, community control with state guidance in land-use planning.
'The bridge is only part of the puzzle'
Real estate agent and Valencia County Commissioner Alicia Aguilar talks about the need for planning in the county.
'It's a clash of visions'
Tome resident Ray Garcia, president of the Historic Tome Adelino Neighborhood Association, talks about the vision behind his group.
'Start letting mom pack that trunk'
In his own words, Bob Davey of the Valley Improvement Association explains the need for the highway and bridge through Tome, N.M.
Road Block
When residents of the village of Tome, N.M., challenged plans for a nearby four-lane highway and bridge to facilitate the commute from Albuquerque to the suburbs, they took on New Mexico's huge "sprawl machine" - and won.
The Latest Bounce
Enviros attack INS plans for stadium lights, to halt illegal immigration in Arizona. Molycorp plans to clean up Questa mine. Last summer's fire at INEEL. Forest Service wants to log Santa Fe National Forest; nearby counties they will log if NFS won't.
Dear Friends
Thirty-year anniversary party in Boulder; High Country history; news, visitors and Suckling's first name.
Ranchers test an agency's image
The refusal of three ranchers to remove cattle from Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has put the BLM's ability to manage the monument under the spotlight.
The latest bounce
Justice Dept. sues Jarbidge Shovel Brigade; BIA apologizes to Indians; wise-users sue over Clinton's new monuments; judge quashes roadless-area lawsuit; Will Stelle leaves National Marine Fisheries Service.
Dear Friends
A sad goodbye to Robert Hayutin; bumper crop of visitors.
Dear Friends
Hot summer brings bears into town; visitors; "Know Thine Enemy"; Oops and congrats.
Down the Rio Grande, one piece at a time
This issue's lead is part of a series of HCN stories intended to create an honest, insightful picture of the Rio Grande and the varied communities and landscapes it passes through on its long journey.
Dear Friends
Why HCN is writing about meth; good news from HCN's Writers On The Range and online archives; two HCN parties coming up: September board meeting in Boise and 30th anniversary in Boulder.
In New Mexico, a surprising proposal rises from the flames
For the first time ever, the environmental group Forest Guardians has recommended thinning and prescribed burning in the dense pine forests on Santa Fe's watershed.
Water district has identity crisis
The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, until recently thought to be part of New Mexico's state government, is actually a federal agency, and could be forced to keep enough water in the river to protect the endangered silvery minnow.
Dear Friends
Paonia, Colo., and HCN; visitors from near and far.
'The vampires are in charge of the blood bank'
Utah Rivers Council director Zachary Frankel talks about his love for rivers and the need to protect them.
The end of a water mine?
Pressure is building for the federal government to send more of the groundwater in Colorado's San Luis Valley south in the Rio Grande for New Mexico and Texas.
Babbitt’s monument tour blazes on
Babbitt’s monument tour blazes on
The Clinton administration designates four new national monuments: Hanford Reach, Oregon's Soda Mountain area, Arizona's Ironwood Forest and the Canyons of the Ancients in southwestern Colorado.
Shaky truce on the Rio Grande
To avoid an environmental lawsuit and placate angry farmers, Albuquerque and the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District will sell enough reservoir water to the drought-plagued river to keep endangered silvery minnow alive and ditches flowing until fall.
The beauty of self-reliance
Bike-shop owner Portia Masterson meets Paonia bike-cop Neal Schwieterman.
Poison traps kill unintended victims
After an M-44 cyanide trap put on their land by a government trapper kills the family dog, Paul and Lee-Ann Wright sue the federal government.
Fees around the West
A comparison of the different fees for recreational use in different national forests, national parks and recreation areas around the West.
The Wayward West
Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt backs West Desert Wilderness Bill; Jon Marvel wins Idaho grazing leases; John McCain's environmental doubletalk; Grand Canyon forests partnership logging plan OK'd; dams won't be built on Wyo.'s Dry Fork of Little Bighorn River.
Westerners take sides on road ban
Around the West, Forest Service "listening sessions" get an earful from environmentalists and offroad vehicle fans at odds over President Clinton's plan to protect roadless forests.
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