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When government gets in growth's way
Idaho environmentalist Gary Richardson fights a difficult battle from his seat on the county highway board, where he seeks to contain Boise's growth and work for alternative transportation.
Timber mills close in the Northwest
Boise Cascade Corp. sawmill workers blame environmentalists for sawmill closures in the Northwest that others say are the fault of the global economy.
Military wants to grow its Western empire
The military seeks expansion of its ranges and airspace in the West through more than a dozen proposals.
Private rights vs. public lands
Private rights vs. public lands
A ranching family's desire to develop a road to an inholding in Arizona's Arrastra Mounain Wilderness is a microcosm of the huge and unwieldy problem of inholdings on public lands throughout the West.
A cleanup project can't get going
What was supposed to be a pioneering clean-up by a private company of radioactive waste at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory bogs down amid cost overruns and failed deadlines.
How the New West will vote is anyone's guess
Variable voting patterns on the West make it difficult to predict who will win on election day.
Victory in Idaho: Canyon lovers defeat the military
A coalition of canyon lovers defeats the U.S. Air Force in Idaho's Owyhee Canyon.
EPA hands off Superfund tailings to Idaho
EPA agrees to let Idaho environmental authorities clean up tailings in Triumph.
Guns, theft still kill eagles
Native Americans as well as gun buffs and foreign groups are responsible for killing and selling bald eagles.
Bald eaglets in Arizona have guardian angels
State biologists and bureaus are finding new ways to protect young eagles.
On their own: Eagles make a comeback
Bald eagles are making a comeback after near extinction due to the pesticide DDT.
Salmon spawn a swarm of lawsuits
A summary of pending lawsuits between the government, salmon advocates and hydropower interests.
Four dams must go, activist says
Idaho's Lower Snake River dams block salmon recovery.
Salmon advocates say: The quiet slaughter continues
The issue of whether or not barging salmon around dams is effective is taken to court.
Defenders magazine fires fiery writer
Michael Frome is axed from the Defenders of Wildlife publication.
Tactics, vision split Montana environmentalists
Last month the House of Representatives passed a 1.48 million-acre wilderness bill for Montana that brought cheers from cheers from some conservation groups and objections from others.
Leave it to beaver
Beavers on a ranch in Idaho have turned a previously gouged creek bottom into a wetland brimming with wildlife and produced a new pasture for the ranch's livestock.
Idaho river basin denied protection
When the state Water Resources Board proposed a ban on hydroelectric development for streams in the Henry's Fork Basin, few expected it would face rough sledding in the 1992 Idaho Legislature.
Tiny snails could affect eight dams
The Bliss Rapids snail, along with about 30 other species in the Snake River, appear to be declining due to pollution and development.
Idaho savors its waters as region seeks more hydropower
The Pacific Northwest's dawning power shortage is adding new impetus to build more hydroelectric dams in Idaho, while the state bills itself as 'the whitewater capital of the world.'
How do you combine birds and bombs?
Along Idaho's Snake River, military war-games run up against the densest known concentration of nesting raptors in the world.
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