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Top-Down Land Management
Do Western governors want collaboration, or do they just want to get their way?
Even Tea Partiers are Conservationists
New poll finds resounding Western support for environmental protection
Unpacking health hazards in fracking's chemical cocktail
A look at the ingredients used in hydraulic fracturing fluid in Wyoming.
Teaching climate change in coal country
A Wyoming teacher gently prods his students.
Welcome, new interns
Welcome, new interns
High Country News welcomes new interns, Nathan Rice and Sierra Crane-Murdoch; visitors, self-reported; corrections.
From science to action in environmental justice
EPA continues to study stressors, but communities say they're "studied to death"
A "New Era" for Indian Country?
Fed-aided energy extraction is nothing new. But renewables could be.
Bad Omens for Arch Coal
Despite regulatory setbacks, the company strikes a new deal.
In Western water law, "first come, first serve" has limits
Montana and Wyoming face off over water compact in the Supreme Court
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