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Plum Creek deal -- plumb wrong?
Watchdog office raises questions about secret road access deals.
EPA reopens "National Libraries on the Environment"
Agency restores (some) access to vital scientific information.
Keeping wolves out of trouble
Cleaning up dead cattle so that wolves don't learn to like beef.
As goes the Red Planet, so goes the West?
Missions to Mars -- a waste of money, or a taste of what's to come?
Fall reading
Jodi Peterson and Kate Niles spotlight new books on Western subjects and/or by Western authors, both fiction and nonfiction.
Dear friends
Late-summer visitors drop by HCN’s office.
Score one for whistleblowers
A former BLM staffer will get back pay and benefits after the agency illegally canned him for speaking out.
Two weeks in the West
Two weeks in the West
Forest Service blows its wad on a mixed fire season in the West; solar power plants and wind farms may help take the heat off; fire sale of energy leases on Colorado’s Roan Plateau.
Dear friends
Summer visitors; correction; HCN stories win awards; wilderness loses a friend: a farewell to John Seiberling
Dear friends
High school intern Cobun Keegan; summer road-trippers; correction; and goodbye to HCN’s old friend, Woody Hesselbarth
Not a moment too soon
Paul Hoffman, a high-ranking Interior official, resigns -- leaving a mucky trail of pro-business, pro-religion decisions.
The company we keep
In the Pacific Northwest, where barred owls are competing with northern spotted owls, conservationists wonder what to do when a native species becomes an invasive species.
Concert-goers and bird-watchers
Visitors en route to other adventures stop by the High Country News office.
The bone collectors
The bone collectors
In Colorado’s Gunnison River Basin, wildlife managers are clamping down on out-of-control antler gatherers in order to make life easier for deer and sage grouse.
Easing into development
A backroom agreement between the Forest Service and Plum Creek Co. leaves Montana counties out of the picture when it comes to access to and development of national forest inholdings.
Dear friends
Visitors; Jared Farmer’s new book and Pete McBride’s new job; correction; Utah Phillips “catches the westbound.”
Dear friends
Fellow newspaper people come to visit; nice words from a reader; Welcome, Chloe Hanscom (AKA Yoda Jr.); and correction.
Dear friends
A panel of experts will debate whether gas development and recreation can coexist in western Colorado; Michelle Nijhuis wins awards; visitors; poem by Cam Scott.
Dear friends
Ray Ring wins another award; visitors; Lynne Bama’s new book of poetry and photographs, Yellowstone Rising; and Paonia’s Mary Bear Volk celebrates 99 years.
Primer 3: Recreation
What is the "highest and best use" of our public lands? Oversight agencies are charged with providing access while protecting land and wildlife; the first step is to provide them with sufficient funding.
Two weeks in the West
A good time to buy a McMansion – cheap; lawmakers wrangle over development; “eco-terrorism” in suburbia; EPA head honcho in trouble; cleaning up dirty Western air – and a few dirty Western politicians.
Dear friends
“Poetry Corner” brings verse from readers; schadenfreude in the correction department.
Dear friends
Sarah Gilman is HCN’s new assistant editor; HCN wins design awards, and Ray Ring is a finalist for a major journalism award; visitors; corrections.
Dear friends
Ray Ring wins Hillman journalism award; Sopris Surfers gives free Internet to intern house;; welcome, Mandela Lou Hoffman; Camas literary magazine; corrections.
Dear friends
Visitors; Paolo Bacigalupi’s book of sci-fi stories, Pump Six and Other Stories, is published; photographer and wilderness advocate Ernie Day dies; corrections.
Crying 'fowl'
Enviros say the feds aren't playing fair when it comes to the imperiled sage grouse
Death of a mine
Utah’s Lisbon Valley Mine was supposed to be a hugely profitable copper producer; instead, it went belly-up in just two years.
The short life of Lisbon Valley
A brief timeline traces the brief history of Utah’s Lisbon Valley Mine.
Dear friends
HCN’s online reader’s survey; new babies, new books, new music and some visitors.
Two weeks in the West
A flurry of end-of-year easements saves lots of lovely landscapes; heli-skiing wins in Utah; snow-lovers help starving Colorado deer; a possible ceasefire on the Klamath; and bark beetles are destroying Colorado’s lodgepole pines.
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