What happened with your insurance after wildfire?

Help us investigate the opaque wildfire insurance industry by sharing your experience.


Firefighters work to put out flames in the Hidden Valley community in southern California in 2013.

Fire seasons in the West are longer and more destructive than ever. High Country News is investigating the complexities of the insurance industry in the wake of catastrophic wildfires in order to help homeowners better navigate the system. We’re interested in hearing a spectrum of experiences, from those who have had great experiences with their brokers to those who have not.

We’ve heard stories of insurance companies refusing to cover homes in areas that have burned before, people who’ve had to wait years to be reimbursed for damages, and homeowners who thought they were covered, only to find out after a wildfire that they were not. We’re interested in hearing about your experience, positive or negative. Consider sharing your story through our anonymous tip form

Paige Blankenbuehler is an assistant editor for High Country News. Email her at [email protected] or submit a letter to the editor.  

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