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West Obsessed: The March for Science, out West

After Earth Day, a look at researchers’ economic influence and political sway.


On Saturday, Earth Day, thousands of scientists, students and advocates gathered on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to call on the Trump administration to support science and evidence-based policy. Noted scientists including Bill Nye gave speeches in D.C. Satellite marches took place in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and Boise. Meanwhile, smaller marches and rallies took place in places like Grants Pass, Oregon, and Silver City, New Mexico. In this episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss why scientists were compelled to march, what impact the marches are likely to have and how much research matters for the West.

“West Obsessed” is an occasional audio series produced in collaboration with KVNF community radio in Paonia, Colorado, where the editors and writers of High Country News discuss stories about the American West and why they matter. Subscribe to the podcast on: Google PlayiTunesSoundcloudStitcher