Video: Idaho’s public lands transcend partisan divides

Despite political affiliation, Idaho hunters and anglers agree public lands need protection.


Republicans were once instrumental in passing landmark conservation laws like the 1964 Wilderness Act and the 1968 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Today, the party’s approach to public lands is much different, exemplified by the Trump administration’s rollback of many public-land protections. But in Idaho, one of the West’s most conservative states, hunters and anglers are demanding state policies that protect access and voting down candidates who threaten public lands.

Read our story about how hunters and anglers flexed their political muscles in Idaho’s 2019 midterms, helping several candidates nab governorships over public land access issues.

Forrest Pound is a documentary filmmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s worked on many short and feature length documentary films, several of which have focused on western water and land use.

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