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Know the West

Video: How rural and urban housing crises affect one Indigenous family

Oakland is pricing out long-term residents, among them Joe Waukazoo.


As the workers, artists and longtime residents who give Oakland its character are priced out, homelessness in the area has increased. The city is caught between Silicon Valley capitalism and Bay Area radicalism. In this zero-sum game, new residents and businesses are moving in, while older ones lose their homes — among them Joe Waukazoo.


Read our feature story about how one Indigenous family is navigating two very different housing problems.

Note: A previous subhead incorrectly identified Joe Waukazoo as a Navajo Nation citizen; he is Lakota and Odawa.

Forrest Pound is a documentary filmmaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s worked on many short and feature length documentary films, several of which have focused on western water and land use.