The times, they are a changin'

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Dear Friend:

Evolution happens.

For the first 25 years of its existence, High Country News delivered its unique blend of in-depth reporting, essays and humor via a black-and-white tabloid printed on newspaper stock.  Sometimes the ink got smeared and stained your fingers. In 1995, the "paper" was joined by a website,, that served primarily as an archive for past issues.

In 2003, we turned the print publication into a vibrant, four-color magazine and started posting news and commentary on the website that didn't fit into the cycle of an every-other-week publication. Two years ago, we added a regular Twitter feed and created an HCN Facebook site to provide you with even more current information, as well as new platforms on which to interact with our editors, writers and the entire community of people who care about the West.

Current subscribers reap the benefit

Today, we embrace the new world of information again, this time with the unveiling of an enhanced, page-flipping digital version of the magazine and an iPhone app. We think they are pretty cool and will provide additional avenues through which you can stay connected to the issues you care about the most. Whether you are sitting at your desk, waiting for a connecting flight, or driving across a lonely stretch of highway in the desert, all that HCN offers is now yours with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger.

For those of you who still enjoy reading a dog-eared copy of HCN with a cup of hot chocolate (or perhaps something stronger) under a tree or curled up in bed  -- and I count myself among you -- let me assure you that the print publication is not going anywhere. But let me also encourage you to dive into information and interactivity provided by the digital world. 

Some nuts and bolts of the enhanced subscription

Current subscribers

  • To take advantage of these new features, current paid subscribers merely need to have a username and password at 
  • To do this (if you haven't already) simply click on the "join" link in the upper, right-hand corner of this page. 
  • If you're already logged into the site all you have to do is go to the "browse issues" page and look for the link to the digital edition below the issue description.
  • For iPhone users, you can access all the subscriber-only content on the HCN iPhone app by entering your username and password when prompted. Go to the iPhone app store to download the HCN iPhone app for free.


New subscribers


Thanks for evolving with us, and no matter how you choose to read HCN, one thing won't change: our commitment to bring you the highest-quality journalism possible.


Paul Larmer, executive director

For more information on the digital versions of High Country News, visit our digital edition page.

If you have additional questions about accessing our new digital features with your account, check out our FAQ page. For assistance with your subscription please contact our Circulation team.

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