The Excursions Episode


Just in time for summer travel season, we'll spend this episode of West of 100 wandering the West. Journalist Scott Carrier and poet Alex Caldiero visit the Sun Tunnels, a far-flung art installation in the Utah desert. High Country News editorial fellow Neil LaRubbio gives us a peek into the world of modern hoboes. (Neil is producing a documentary, Freeload, about train hoppers; check out the trailer and contribute to his Kickstarter campaign here.) And from producer Jonathan Mitchell, A Beginner's Guide to Hitchhiking

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Music in this episode:

"The Heart of the Cat" by Ergo Phizmiz, licensed under Creative Commons 

Sounds in this episode: 

Man saying "Roadtrip!"; car door shutting, courtesy nmscher; engine starting, courtesy RutgerMuller; train whistle, courtesy HerbertBoland; cars passing, courtesy volivieri. Licensed under Creative Commons. 

Clips from Freeload trailer, courtesy Highway Goat Productions

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