Your best Heard Around the West photos

Editor picks of readers' weirdest, most amazing images from the past five years.

  • CALIFORNIA Just another day on Indecisive Avenue.

    Miles Standish
  • UTAH Soon after they quit teaching evolution, they repealed the law of gravity.

    Greg Woodall
  • COLORADO These roots are made for walkin’.

    Paul Pennington
  • ARIZONA Want that extra crispy or original?

    Helen Snyder
  • GRAND CANYON I wanna be a star!

    Humberto Lobos Sucarrat
  • IDAHO On second thought, don’t.

    Joe Jaszewski/Idaho statesman
  • WASHINGTON Racks in a rack.

    Tim Crawford
  • CALIFORNIA It's not as easy as rock, paper, scissors.

    Ventura County Star
  • ARIZONA Who needs to drive to the Grand Canyon when you can Google it?

    Greg Woodall
  • COLORADO Gives “bare-back” riding a whole new meaning.

    Cherie Morris
  • WASHINGTON “It’s all downhill from here, sweetie.”

    Alexis Alloway
  • COLORADO Hey, nice rack!

    Dennis Slifer
  • IDAHO No return policy on this one ... For good reason.

    Ron Spiewak
  • ARIZONA Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clactus.

    Greg Woodall
  • WYOMING The truth hurts.

    Emily Guerin
  • UTAH Bessie found this case of mistaken identity particularly embarrassing.

    Greg Woodall
  • ARIZONA Maybe not.

    Mary McBee
  • ARIZONA "I do worry that the scenery may get in the way.”

    Michael Collier
  • NORTH DAKOTA Ingredients are a trade secret.

    Emily Guerin
  • COLORADO What happens when you hang your lights too early.

    Andrew Gulliford


Each year we receive hundreds of submissions of ironic, whimsical and just plain weird photos for our biweekly column, Heard Around the West. Here are some of our favorites from the past five years for your enjoyment over this holiday season.

If you see a Western oddity that catches your eye, snap a picture and send it to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on the back page of High Country News.