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Know the West

Rantcast: The silence of desert greetings


Rants from the Hill are Michael Branch's monthly musings on life in rural Nevada. They are posted at the beginning of each month at www.hcn.org. You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or through Feedburner if you use other podcast readers.

In May's Rantcast, also available in written form at our community blog, the Range, Mike wonders why he and his fellow desert dwellers tend to be so laconic. He recounts three different interactions he has had with others living in the desert; each of which casts a light onto the nature of those who choose an arid landscape in which to make their home. He also explores the work of writer Mary Austin, perhaps one of the American desert's first champions.

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Musical credits for Rantcast: The silence of desert greetings, licensed under Creative Commons, courtesy Lorenzo's Music, for opening and closing track "We All Fall Down," Shake That Little Foot, for "The Lark in the Clean Air," David Lohstana, for "Secouez Moi, Instrumental Version," and Samuel Rockingham, for "Tension." Sounds from Freesound.org, are courtesy Felix Blume, ikbenraar, and reinsamba. Find more Rants from the Hill at hcn.org.