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Know the West

Rantcast: Bumper sticker sloganeering


In July's Rantcast, Michael Branch offers his humorous take on how he picks bumper stickers to suit his location, be it trailheads in conservative rural Nevada or a church picnic. He also pokes fun of environmental bumper stickers, even though he's sympathetic to their messages.

Rants from the Hill are Michael Branch's monthly musings on life in rural Nevada. They are posted at the beginning of each month at www.hcn.org.  You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or through Feedburner if you use other podcast readers. Each month's rant is also available in written form.

Musical credits for Rantcast: Bumper sticker sloganeering, licensed under Creative Commons, courtesy Lorenzo's Music, for opening and closing track "We All Fall Down," Emilio Antonucci, for "J.S. Bach, Fuga E Allegro BWV 998" and, "M. Giuliana Grand Overture OP.61," and Jason Shaw, for "Plantation."  Find more Rants from the Hill at hcn.org.

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