When times are stressful, the animals of HCN are here to help

Take a mental health break and indulge in some photos of our favorite nonhumans.

  • Did someone say cheese? (George)

    Courtesy of McKenna Stayner, features director
  • It’s been a week. I’m just gonna Netflix and chill. (Ocho)

    Courtesy of Roberto (Bear) Guerra, photo editor
  • Is it me or do those cliffs look like my ears? (Arlo)

    Courtesy of Laura Dixon, events & business partner coordinator
  • Your employer thinks I’m going to let you work from home without interruption? Ahahahahaha (Lou)

    Courtesy of Jessica Kutz, assistant editor
  • You seem stressed. Can I make you a cup of tea? (Chuck)

    Courtesy of Victoria Petersen, editorial intern
  • Have you taken a moment to bask in the sun today? (Kitters)

    Courtesy of Hannah Stevens, development associate
  • Does this sweater make me look prickly? (Cleolinda)

    Courtesy of Anna V. Smith, assistant editor
  • Remote schooling is definitely not something I’ve tried before. (Fish)

    Courtesy of Gretchen King, managing digital editor
  • I’m trying to make fetch happen. (Cooper)

    Courtesy of Carl Segerstrom, assistant editor
  • I'm pretty sure I’m the Tiger King. (Grayson)

    Courtesy of Cindy Wehling, art director
  • Hi, I’m Lauren, and I’m running for Cat Emperor Overlord.

    Courtesy of Graham Lee Brewer, associate editor
  • After this let’s get back in the car for a long ride! (Luna)

    Courtesy of Jessica Douglas, editorial intern
  • This year has been like herding kittens! (Tommy, Lil, Dill & Phil)

    Courtesy of Emily Benson, associate editor
  • Maeby I’ll get out of bed today. Or Maeby we should both stay here? (Maeby)

    Courtesy of Jane C. Hu, contributing editor
  • So what happened?? We’re on the edge of our seats! (Magnus and Matilda)

    Courtesy of Leah Sottile, contributing editor
  • This election season was nothing to crow about. (Honey Penny)

    Courtesy of Alyssa Pinkerton, philanthropy director
  • If you want to chat, I’m all ears. (Rhubarb)

    Courtesy of Luna Anna Archey, associate photo editor
  • Why else would you shop online? (Ms. Kitty)

    Courtesy of Alyssa Pinkerton, philanthropy director
  • No, this WAS your piano. Now, it’s my bed. (Quiddity)

    Courtesy of McKenna Stayner, features director
  • If you have a pet, your pet definitely needs a pet. (Tinker and Rain)

    Courtesy of Tammy York, customer service specialist
  • I decided to get a tag that looks like my favorite cat. (Stanley)

    Courtesy of Erica Howard, director of business administration
  • I’m trying to get out of bed but this puppy won’t let me. (Stella)

    Courtesy of Mark Nydell, customer service specialist
  • I don't care if it's quarantine times, I'm still going camping! (Pepe)

    Courtesy of Gary Love, director of product and marketing
  • I can walk myself, okay? Just as soon as I figure out how to get off of this table. (Toho)

    Courtesy of Kalen Goodluck, contributing editor
  • I’m fine. Everything’s fine. Why do you ask? (Sticky)

    Courtesy of Gretchen King, managing digital editor
  • Winnie wore it better. (Winifred)

    Courtesy of Greg Hanscom, publisher and executive director
  • I woke up like this. (Walter)

    Courtesy of Paige Blankenbuehler, associate editor


Thumbnail photo of Ocho by his human companion Roberto (Bear) Guerra. Email High Country News at [email protected] or submit a letter to the editor.