Online editor Tay Wiles talks Oregon militia standoffs with KDNK Radio

The latest episode of Sounds of the High Country.


A year after the Cliven Bundy standoff, the Oath Keepers militia defended a mining claim in rural Oregon county, in a push called Operation Gold Rush. The dispute became a showdown that helped lay the groundwork for subsequent Sagebrush Rebellion events. But it was also a reflection of the economic travails of some Western rural areas, where withered county budgets have left residents without law enforcement. Into that void has come a wave of new militias. Read Tay Wiles' feature on the connection between the rise of Sagebrush militias and rural downturns and listen to her speak with KDNK Radio.

Sheriff’s deputies respond to a call in Josephine County, Oregon, where budget cuts have reduced the patrol staff from more than 30 to three or four at a time.
Brooke Warren/High Country News
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