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Know the West

Listen to HCN readers share horror stories


Sometimes when you set off across the west in search of adventure, you find a bit more than you bargained for. For our recent Travel Issue, High Country News held a “Western Travel Horror Story” contest that prompted more than 50 readers to submit stories about trips in the west that went terribly—and hilariously—wrong.

For the latest edition of Sounds of the High Country, KDNK radio’s collaboration with High Country News, KDNK’s Nelson Harvey had three readers tell him their stories. He spoke to Will Toor about getting stripped of his dignity on a hitchhiking trip, to Sheyna Maytum about breaking down in the desert, and to Bruce Drogsvold about a tow truck driver who will live in infamy. Here are their stories.

Read many more of the travel horror stories submitted by High Country News readers, and listen to past episodes of Sounds of the High Country at kdnk.org, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.