KDNK speaks with HCN reporter Claudine LoMonaco

On troubling corporate and Forest Service conduct in Arizona.


What if a government agency awarded nearly $300 million worth of work to a totally unqualified company simply to enrich former colleagues and anger political enemies?

In her cover story in a recent issue of High Country News, investigative reporter Claudine LoMonaco shows that the U.S. Forest Service may have done just that in 2012 with the contract for the Four Forest Restoration Project—also called the Four Fry Project—in Arizona.

For the latest edition of Sounds of the High Country, KDNK’s collaboration with High Country News, Nelson Harvey spoke to HCN LoMonaco about the troubling implications of what she found.

Nelson’s interview barely scratched the surface of the troubling corporate and governmental conduct that Claudine LoMonaco uncovered in her reporting on the Four Forest Restoration Project.

In fact, she discovered that the project’s current contractor, who took over from Pioneer Associates when they couldn’t find investors, may also have misled the government in their project proposal.

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