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We can't do it alone, and luckily we don't have to. Here at High Country News we pride ourselves on telling in-depth stories from the American West and Indian Country. As we dig in to tell these stories, we also voraciously read coverage from around the West and republish some of our favorite articles for our readers. These stories from our partners help paint a more complete picture of the West and help readers better know this complex region.

Joshua Tree National Park.

5 reasons to keep geotagging

Public lands face far greater threats than recreational overuse.

Beef production in the United States is no longer a small-scale, localized operation, and is now a major industry spanning the country, where cattle is bred and raised in the rural West.

How beef colonized the West and America’s dinner plate

The author of a new book explains how beef consolidation in the late 19th Century shapes our ecology, economy and politics.

Acting BLM Director William Perry Pendley speaks at the Society of Environmental Journalists 2019 conference. To his left is Dina Gilio-Whitaker a lecturer in American Indian studies at California State University San Marcos.

BLM head: ‘What I thought, what I wrote, what I did in the past is irrelevant.’

Acting BLM Director William Perry Pendley won’t answer questions about his history of climate denial or denigrating immigrants at environmental journalism conference.

The Eagle Butte mine is susceptible to environmental disasters after hundreds of workers were laid off in early July.

New Wyoming coal company abandons mines and miners

State officials are picking up the pieces after Blackjewel goes belly up.

The Anna’s hummingbird is the only North American hummingbird species with a red crown.

Online privacy is for the birds

As wildlife sharing apps proliferate, unintended consequences threaten endangered species.

The New Mexico congresswoman Debra Haaland at her desk inside of her office at the Longworth office building in Washington, D.C.

Public lands top Rep. Debra Haaland’s agenda

One of the first Native American women elected to Congress is fighting fossil fuel development on ‘the most pristine and beautiful places in our country.’

Kerianne Gardner embraces her daughter, Samaria, at Bear Canyon Arroyo.
Don J. Usner

In New Mexico, schools struggle to address a teen suicide crisis

Sixteen-year-old Aurra Gardner ended her life after her mother repeatedly asked school counselors for help.

University of Alaska Anchorage doctoral student Veronica Padula fishes a dead seabird from the Bering Sea near the remote Alaska island of Saint Matthew. Her advisor, ecologist Doug Causey, has been collecting birds from the Bering Sea since 2009 to support research on food web shifts, plastic contamination, and other problems facing northern oceans.
Photo by Nathaniel Wilder

Scientists decode environmental impacts from Bering Sea bird feathers

To understand the evolving marine environment, scientists look to the seabirds.

Scott Warren in Tucson, Ariz., after his retrial

Scott Warren reflects on the Borderlands

After two years of federal prosecution the humanitarian aid worker was acquitted in November.

An independent investigation found that Washington state Representative Matt Shea has taken part in acts of political intimidation and domestic terrorism.
Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut

Washington Rep. Matt Shea engaged in ‘domestic terrorism,’ helped plan Malheur standoff, investigation finds

A report says the Spokane Valley Republican aided three armed conflicts against the U.S. government.

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