A heat wave is about to hit the Southwest

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The Wests first significant heatwave of the year is on the way this week. Millions of people across Southwestern states are expected to experience what could be, in some places, record-high temperatures.

Even in Death Valley National Park, a place where extreme heat is commonplace, forecasted temperatures of 121 degrees Fahrenheit could break the current daily record of 120 set in 1994. Nearby, Las Vegas will push up to 109 degrees over the weekend. In California’s Central Valley, temperatures will climb well north of 100, while Phoenix, Arizona, has already hit 110 degrees this week and will top out closer to 115 over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service. 

A visitor sits under an umbrella on the shore of Lake Mead in Boulder City, Nevada in 2021.
Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For much of the region, events like this are becoming more common and extreme, pushing ecosystems, urban and rural communities, and people to rapidly adapt.

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