A glance back, via HCN covers

2009, for people who care about the West


Every year, the High Country News Art Director, Cindy Wehling, puts together a collage of all the covers from the past year, just as another reminder (along with our skyrocketing coffee expenses, keyboard-calloused fingertips and generally frayed nervous systems), of all the work we did during the past year. Typically, we keep the collages to ourselves. But after looking at all the great cover art, and the array of stories we focused on during 2009, we figured our readers might enjoy a look at all the covers in one place. Maybe it will entice you to go back and read a story you might have missed; or write that letter to the editor that has been festering in your mind for months. All of these issues can be browsed, free of charge, right here: hcn.org/issues

2009 Cover Art

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