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This Spring, you are invited to share your new and favorite books, videos, music and bookstores with the readers of High County News at up to 50% off regular ad rates!

 Available Print Issue Cover dates:

  • April 13 (Space reservation deadline: Mar. 23, Ad art deadline: Mar. 30)
  • April 27 (Space reservation deadline: April 6, Ad art deadline: April 13)
  • May 11 (Space reservation deadline: April 20, Ad art deadline: April 27)
  • May 25 (Space reservation deadline: May 4, Ad art deadline: May 11)

*Ask about current list size and available schedule
**Total is based on 1X color print ad, 1X eNewsletter ad and 50,000 web banner impressions. Savings based on a` la carte pricing.

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4.329" width x 2.439" height

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2.081" width x 2.439" height
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