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High Country News is all about creating a community of people interested in educating themselves and others about public lands, water, natural resources, grazing, wilderness, wildlife, logging, politics, communities, growth and other issues now changing the face of our world.

If you are involved in this pursuit with us, we want to help you get the word out. From now until October 1, 2011, High Country News is offering 50% off print and web advertising to any educational program. Promote your environmental programs, law programs, conferences and events, or any educational program you wish. Any educational organization is eligible!

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Print Advertising
Reserve your space before October 1, 2011 and receive 50% off print advertising.

Full Page (Full color only) = $1,311
1/2 Page = $816 (4-color)...$531 (black/white)
1/4 Page = $433 (4-color)...$282(black/white)
1/8 Page = $260 (4-color)...$169 (black/white)
1/16 Page = $130 (4-color)... $85 (black/white)

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Web Banner Advertising
Reserve your space before October 1, 2011 and receive 50% off web banner advertising on 728x90 Leaderboard on

200,000 impressions = $1,000
100,000 impressions = $500
50,000 impressions = $250

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Continuing Education 
In our recent reader survey nearly 50% of respondents said they, or someone in their household, had continuing education plans.

This is your one chance to reach the remarkable High Country News audience for the whole year, both print and web, for 50% off our regular advertising rates!

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David J. Anderson
Advertising Sales Manager
Mail: High Country News
           P.O. Box 1090
           Paonia, CO 81428
Tel: 970-527-4898, ext. 18
Fax: 970-527-4897
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