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Founded in 1970, High Country News (HCN) is an award-winning, one-of-a-kind magazine and website covering the environmental and cultural issues vital to our American West.

According to The Los Angeles Times "The most influential environmental journal in the Mountain West.", and People magazine "One of America's most respected environmental publications, dubbed by some ‘The 'Conscience of the West'."

As a nonprofit, independent publication, we are able to tell authentic, compelling stories that engage your audience.

These stories are written by great writers, and go in-depth in ways that further understanding of, and connection to, the complex issues shaping life here.

The result is a publication filled with unique angles and topics readers can’t find elsewhere, and delivered with a point of view and sense of humor that is distinct. A publication that attracts passionate, influential people who use what they read to shape their views, the landscape and their communities.

As an advertiser, you not only reach your audience, you’re viewed as “one of us” – an organization that cares about the West and quality journalism.

Join our community of advertisers and connect with influential, well-educated, well-paid professionals, including policymakers, educators, public land managers, environmental professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and thousands of other people who care deeply about the land, air, water & inhabitants of the region they hold so dear.

With package deals, special issues, newsletters, sponsored email blasts, classifieds and more, we have options to fit your needs!

Sample Copies, Media Guides & Requests

With readers in all 50 states, High Country News reaches over 120,000 people with every issue, 22 times per year. Combined paid circulation is 30,000 (print and digital), with 60% of the audience in the Mountain States and 28% in the Pacific States. You won’t find us in a lot of bookstores or magazine racks, but you will see us in a lot of libraries!

Display ads and classified line ads are available in the magazine.

Magazine Special Issues:
HCN produces four special feature issues each year. 

Classified Ads
Print and online classified listings are available. View and place ads from any desktop or mobile device. Visit the "Jobs & Classifieds" link on our website.

Print and web packages start for as little as $30 for one issue in print and 14 days online. Online-only option available too. Pricing is per line (three lines included in base pricing) with multiple upgrade options to help your ad stand out in print and online. Reservation deadline for print is two weeks before issue date. Online ads can start as soon as the next day.

Web site sees 400,000+ visitors per month. Web and mobile ads are available in 728x90, 300x250, 468x60 and 320x50 banner sizes.

Sponsored Email Blasts (see sample)
High Country News will send your custom message to our growing audience of over 38,000 opt-in subscribers on your behalf!

E-newsletters (see sample)
Over 46,000 opt-in subscribers receive our weekly email, This Week in the West, every Tuesday. There is just one exclusive advertising space available – a 300x250 box banner.

Digital Magazine (see sample)
The entire magazine as it is in print is reproduced in a digital flip book and apps for all mobile devices. Designed to enhance the reader’s experience through the web, iPad, Android, etc., the HCN Digital Edition of each issue is a free add-on to all subscribers with a print or digital subscription. Inclusion in the HCNDigital Edition is free to all advertisers in that issue. Added links, available video and Rich Media upgrades, ad tracking, easy social sharing and forever lifespan make this a great value-added bonus to our print advertisers.

Specific mobile advertising options are available.

We can help get the word out though our Social Media platforms.  That’s over 48,000 Facebook fans and over 17,000 Twitter followers!

Sponsorship and Philanthropy
High Country News relies on the generous support of our advertisers, sponsors, donors and foundations, without whom, our vital work for the American West would not be possible. Besides traditional advertising, additional sponsorship and philanthropy opportunities are available to help support our mission while building awareness and affinity for your organization among an incredibly loyal, discerning and influential audience.

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  • In-Kind Support/Product & Service Grants
  • Research Fund Support
  • Intern Fund Support
  • Enterprise Journalism Fund Support
  • Matching Donation Programs

David Anderson
Advertising Sales & Sponsorship Manager
Toll-Free: 800-311-5852
Local: 970-527-4898, ext. 40

Sample Copies, Media Guides & Requests
For sample copies, media guides (with complete demographic and rate information) or other needs, please fill out the form below with your contact information and request. A member of our sales team will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Robert Redford, High Country News Community Member

The American West has been an integral part of my life, and my heart, for all of my days.  If, like me, you care about the West, and care about preserving both a way of life that still matters to the soul of our nation -- as well as some of the last great places on earth -- then you owe High Country News a debt of gratitude...I am grateful to them for shining a light where it’s needed and for giving us a kick in the rear when it’s necessary. Generations to come will experience the West in a way that may not have been possible if not for the labors of the High Country News. Their work is more important now, than ever. The High Country News is a great investment.

Robert Redford signature

Backbone Media

As a planning agency that deals with national, regional, local and hyper-local media outlets, we are always on the search for the 'best in class' media partners that can reach our target customers. High Country News goes so far beyond that classification that we consider this ad buy untouchable. We all know that HCN has set the editorial bar for covering the environment, life and culture in the West, so partnering with High Country News is viewed as a privilege, an honor to have our client's messaging be included in the thoughtful perspectives and balanced commentaries that fill each issue. But it goes beyond 'what, when and where' they are writing about, beyond the excellence of 'how' they deliver their message; it is a publication we are proud to support simply because of 'why' they exist, they inspire us to care.

Lindsay Brown
Backbone Media
Media Planner
Carbondale, Colo.

University of Wyoming Environment and Natural Resources Program

The University of Wyoming's Environment and Natural Resources Program works to reach a broad audience concerned with natural resource issues and management efforts. High Country News' readers represent this audience, and thanks to their marketing efforts, we are able to make this important connection.

Chamois Andersen
Director of Communications
University of Wyoming - Environment and Natural Resources Program
- Haub School, Ruckelshaus Institute, and Wyoming Conservation Corps
Laramie, Wyo.

Hawks Haven, LLC

We spent years carefully developing our property in a way that protected habitat and encouraged sustainable living. When we wanted to find like-minded folks to join us, High Country News was the first place we advertised. We were so excited when a couple living in Switzerland found us through HCN's online classifieds! They soon decided to buy one of our lots and become our neighbors and land partners!

Hal Brill
Hawks Haven, LLC
Paonia, Colo.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics

High Country News is the only place we ever run employment ads, and we always end up with the best people. Thanks for being such a valuable resource!

Stephanie Detwiler
Director, Administration and Finance
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Eugene, Ore.

University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources

High Country News' staff has addressed our advertising needs on many occasions with dynamic, professional turnaround, both in print and on the Web. The University of Wyoming energy outreach efforts capitalize on attracting the participation of HCN readership to our events. The HCN readership is thoughtfully engaged on the contemporary challenges of western energy policy and extraction issues.

Mary Byrnes
Associate Director - Energy Outreach
University of Wyoming-School of Energy Resources
Laramie, Wyo.

Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC

Last fall, we did our first ad with High Country News, and two people who came to the Summit learned of it from HCN! Anyway, I particularly enjoyed it — as did Bill Allen, the former editor of National Geographic — now an avid reader.

Rich Clarkson
Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC
Photography at the Summit Workshop Series
Denver, Colo.

Vermont Law School

We have advertised Vermont Law School’s environmental law programs in High Country News for years, because we know our students, and people like them, read this magazine in print and online.

Carol Westberg
Director of Communications
Vermont Law School
South Royalton, Vermont

Great Old Broads for Wilderness

High Country News is a valuable source of information here at Great Old Broads for Wilderness. Their editorial content is consistently top rate — provocative in all the right ways. We always get a good response from the classifieds we place in HCN — probably because their subscribers are our kind of people.

Ronni Egan
Executive Director
Great Old Broads for Wilderness
Durango, Colo.