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The West is not just about the varied terrain in which we live, but the collection of perspectives and realities of the people who occupy this inspiring land. Add your voice to High Country News – or enjoy those of other readers – and embrace your community of fellow people who care about the West.

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The Weird West

Entries: (71)
Began: Aug 02, 2010
Ended: Sep 13, 2010

SUBMIT up to three of your image(s) starting August 2, through midnight, August 29, 2010. Click on an image to enlarge it. VOTE for your favorites (within the enlarged view frame) through midnight, September 12, 2010.
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Winning Entry

Highway 6 Between Tonopah and Ely

Highway 6 Between Tonopah and Ely

by jedes1945 — One chilly summer morning I encountered this gentleman and his burro traveling west on U.S. Highway 6 toward Tonopah, NV. The burro was pulling a cart loaded with their belongings.

by NeedleRock4 0

On the Right Track

Young boy walking between the rails.

by NeedleRock4 2

Punkin' Head

Craig Childs with his selection from the pumpkin patch riding on his shoulder.

by NeedleRock4 1

Desert Dolly

Child's doll sitting on the desert ground against a tire.

by rogercwolf 1

Family Values

The sign for a convenience store in Tucson

by rogercwolf 3

The Opportunist

Prickly pear cactus growing in crotch of a cottonwood tree, Arizona

by jmannas 4

Wildlife Management in South Dakota

A billboard along highway 90.

by jimsellshomes 4

Howdy from Fairplay

The town of Fairplay having fun with the fact a popular cartoon is named after their recontructed mining town South Park City.

by jimsellshomes 5

Carnastoga & The Fourd Seasons

Alliance, NB - Carhenge Additional car sculptures include The Carnastoga The Fourd Seasons - representing the 4 stages of wheat grown in the area

by jimsellshomes 1

You haven't seen everything

You haven't seen everything until you've seen Nothing, AZ. Hwy 93 between Phoenix and I40

by estar 5

Good Cop

An officer from the Kootenai County Sherrif's Dept. is a good sport during Pig in the Park celebration, Harrison, Idaho.

by estar 4

Can You Hear Me Now?

This public phone booth, surrounded by the waters of Lake Coeur d'Alene in summer, can be accessed by foot during the winter months. It's not really hooked up, but it attracts attention and wonder among tourists.

by vintimo 6


Took this shot back in 1988, Barstow CA - though you'd swear it's 1963. I'll be darned if you can't find yourself a cold one, even out in the middle of nowhere.

by estar 3

Jesus and Rattlesnakes

Entrance to the grotto at St. Joseph Cemetery near Spokane, which includes rock gardens and a miniature castle.

by vintimo 4

Ghost Town! Bodie Abode

Bodie Ghostown, in Northeast Washington. There's ghosts in them thar hills!

by vintimo 4

Mirror Image

Driving through Stevens Pass to Eastern WA, I stopped at a deserted campground on the side of the road, and caught this optical illusion shop. Quiet, a tad bit creepy, weird - but very cool!

by wingpeople 5

Bishop Castle

A "work of art" over 100 feet tall featuring a fire-breathing dragon's head, turrets, dizzying walkways, and lots of attitude. (near Beulah, CO)

by kayaker1121 1

Sebastapol Retro

Great old truck in downtown Sebastapol, CA

by kayaker1121 1

Genie's Jungle

Cool old shop in eastern Oregon

by kayaker1121 3

Is this Oregon or Peru?

Llamas love the beach too!

by kellers 9
by johnkane 3

T-Rex Busting Out

In Granger, WA; the town decided some time ago to festoon itself with dinosaurs

by yoda 1

Modern Aspen Carving?

This carving is located in the Flat Tops, Colorado. Hmmmmm - what does this message really mean?

by knute 3

Hunting for coyotes

A city slicker searching for the illusive desert coyote

by scotsiegel 6

Estacada "Mixed-Use"

Highway commercial, Estacada, Ore.

by scotsiegel 13


Wheeler County, Ore.

by scotsiegel 8

Triple Jeopardy

Highway 99, Roseburg, Ore.

by CodyMojave 2

Yuha Gothic

SCA Desert Restoration Corps interns after work on a hot June day in California's Yuha Desert near the US/Mexico Border

by CodyMojave 5

Bi-wheelial Ghost

An installation next to Rhyolite, NV. Rhyolite is an amazing ghost town just outside of Beatty, NV.

by CodyMojave 4

Monkey Shine

A slackline setup at dusk in Joshua Tree National Park

by knute 3

alone at last

finally some quiet after driving 30 miles off road {blackrock desert}

by knute 2

missed the bus

waiting for the jeep to return to pick us up in the blackrock desert

by kjones 11

Three-D Christmas

Barbara and Nick looking through 3-D glasses at a book on the Canyons of the Wasatch and Salt Lake area.

by lryuva 3

Cowgirl and Cowboy

Watching the fun at the Butte National Folk Festival July 2010

by DTB 5

All Things are Relative on the Salt

Distance is relative in the west

by mstock 1

Right Of Way

A bison bull merges in Yellowstone.

by Jaybar2 7

Bisbee storefront

Wonder what they did with all that nautical gear in the middle of the desert...

by mstock 2


Winding down in Gardiner, Montana.

by mstock 3


A rare chipmunk captures the attention of all near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

by Jaybar2 5

Drop on in the wooden spoon shop in East Glacier, MT.

by Jaybar2 3

Nature is dangerous

Protecting the tourists at Yellowstone National Park

by marlab 2

Too Wierd

can't even explain it!

by estherjack 7

Fair Fashion

Pig wrestling contestant, Teton County Fair, Jackson, WY

by Cebollita 1

Dancing on the Santa Fe Plaza

We are all here for a good time tonight!

by Cebollita 7

Pawnee Pass

Western Slope of the Pawnee Pass over the Continental Divide in Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado.

by nanriz 6

The Standoff

After zipping down some fast single-track near Fruita, Colorado our ride came to a screeching halt when this lone cow stood her ground determined that we should be the ones to mmmoooove .

by DWScar 4

Scarcely a blade of grass for miles

An "Open Grazing" sign along a highway in slickrock country.

by paperjet 3

cactus encounter

Mom removes spines following a cactus encounter in Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

by paperjet 1

"Mr. Dwarf Car," Ernie Adams with his miniature '39 Chevy

"Mr. Dwarf Car," Ernie Adams with his miniature '39 Chevy at the Route 66 Fun Run, Seligman, Arizona, 2005.

by paperjet 2

"fishworms and cottage cheese"

Naturopathic health store in Pima, Arizona, circa 2000.

by EdKleiner 1

Some preserve!

Maybe the timing of our visit was a little off. This is a Darlingtonia sight north of Quincy CA

by EdKleiner 1

Hanging out on Route 66

We slowed down in Northern Arizona a few weeks before the beginning of the fall hunting season.

by EdKleiner 5

Visitor's committee Owen's Valley

These mules are pack animals; quite domesticated. They were as curious about me as I was about them.

by Zudiere 3

Actual Colorado Jackaloupe

You've heard the rumors of the Jack rabbit / antelope cross...and here it is. Honest ;-)

by sebreno 0

sad seagull in Mission Bay

seagull with fish hook and attached fish caught in its mouth.

by sebreno 3

Funky House

House in Bisbee, AZ

by climbingrose25 4

Buck on a Porch

This picture was taken from the inside of our Tuolumne River guide house, Groveland, CA.

by kshirley 23


Black Rock Desert Nevada Burning Man Festival Transportation Got to be ready.

by tross 8


Working cowboys "Arlo" and "Big Bub" share a lighter moment between chores outside the bunkhouse on the Ross Ranch, Flagstaff AZ

by jedes1945 462

Highway 6 Between Tonopah and Ely

One chilly summer morning I encountered this gentleman and his burro traveling west on U.S. Highway 6 toward Tonopah, NV. The burro was pulling a cart loaded with their belongings.

by jorndorf 5

Tea Party gathering Prescott Valley, AZ

The weird summer of 2010 in Arizona, aside from everything else, is seeing the growth of the white angry seniors of the Yavapai County Tea Party.

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