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Beaverhead Rock vs. A Stuffed Beaver's Head

Beaverhead Rock vs. A Stuffed Beaver's Head


The Lewis and Clark Expedition passed Beaverhead Rock near Dillon MT in July 1805. It was named Beaverhead Rock because it resembles the profile of a beaver swimming. Well, we were driving by 200 years later and happened to have Liam, our stuffed "good luck" beaver in the car. So, we decided to make Liam swim in the air and hold our beaver's head next to Beaverhead Rock to see if it really does look like a beaver. It sure did! Mission Accomplished.

Beaverhead Rock
Anne-Marie Cory
Anne-Marie Cory
Aug 10, 2010 04:07 PM
I grew up just down the road from this rock and could never see the resemblance. Thanks for the visual aid.