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The West is not just about the varied terrain in which we live, but the collection of perspectives and realities of the people who occupy this inspiring land. Add your voice to High Country News – or enjoy those of other readers – and embrace your community of fellow people who care about the West.

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The People of the West

Entries: (81)
Began: Apr 12, 2010
Ended: May 23, 2010

SUBMIT up to three of your image(s) starting April 12, through midnight, May 9, 2010. Click on an image to enlarge it. VOTE for your favorites (within the enlarged view frame) through midnight, May 23, 2010.
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Winning Entry

Coffee Break in Shoshone, Idaho

Coffee Break in Shoshone, Idaho

by nribi — Wid Tanaka, born and raised in Shoshone, Idaho, has coffee with his friends on a Saturday morning at the Valley Co-op, Shoshone. Photo by Nils Ribi, March 6, 2010

by madison 4

My heart belongs to you

Sending love from Rollinsville, Colorado

by madison 4

What's that sound?

My son watching elk, listening to them bugle, and wondering how they make that incredible sound... Estes Park, Colorado

by madison 2

Born into beauty

Just a day old, proud new mom is excited to show baby what he has to look forward to... Boulder, CO

by corky 2

The King and Queen of Flauschink

Flauschink Crested Butte is an end of the ski season polka party, parade and an honor to be crowned King or Queen.

by skiercol 16

Watching a Western Sunset

A man and his best friends soaking up the last moments of the western sun. Laramie, Wyoming

by skiercol 11

Fly Fishing the North Platte River

Fishermen on the North Platte River Saratoga, WY

by skiercol 24

Sunrise Duck Hunt

Beautiful morning sunrise in Laramie, Wyoming

by MattBarnes 4

High-angle mountain rescue

Grand County Search and Rescue: an all-volunteer non-profit organization providing four-season backcountry emergency services in Colorado.

by MattBarnes 4

Stockmanship for rangeland restoration

Guy Glosson, Certified Educator in Holistic Management, teaches low-stress livestock handling at a Quivira Coalition workshop on the Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico. Herding techniques will be used to get livestock to the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons -- facilitating rangeland restoration.

by MattBarnes 3

Traditional ecological wisdom, modern methods

George Whitten, Jr., who raises organic grassfed beef on his San Juan Ranch in Colorado's San Luis Valley, observes cattle at a stockmanship workshop sponsored by the Quivira Coalition at the Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

by BrantNybergPhotography 11

For the director of music...

Thundersnow makes it's way west across the Wind River basin in west central Wyoming.

by BrantNybergPhotography 2

Homestead Windmill

A lonesome windmill and decaying homestead keep vigil over the eastern plains of Wyoming.

by BrantNybergPhotography 2

Adventure awaits

My nephew gets permission to join his older cousins up the hill. Washington Park, Douglas, Wyoming.

by Jeff Chen 19

Bob can't get enough

Bob, a WW2 veteran, began packing mules with the Forest Service in his mid-70s. He stopped doing it full time after a few years. But now in his 80s, he still goes out on occasion with the mule trains.

by Jeff Chen 6

Jack, the deliverer

A Delta County resident makin' deals for local produce.

by penquite2 4


a burley pickup hauling a trailer and back dropped by a grand Great Plains thunderhead

by JustNCase 15

Be Right Back

Saddlestring, Wyoming

by RedOni 6

Rope Tricks

Young cowhand at Cabot's Pueblo, Desert Hot Springs, June 2009. Photo by Joe Ross, 29 Palms, CA.

by RedOni 4


Alien encountered in the Cadiz Dunes near Twentynine Palms, CA

by RedOni 0

Coupla cowboys

A couple of cowpokes at Cabot's Pueblo, Desert Hot Springs, CA on 6 Jun 09

by rangerbighorn 14

A Bevy of Custers

Local Custer impersonators at the 133rd anniversary of the Battle of Little Bighorn near Crow Agency, Montana. Ranger Michael Stops looks on in the background.

by Hoosiermuse 9

Park ranger teaches little girl

National Park Service ranger Paula Ogden-Muse teaches a little girl and her friends about birds in the North Cascades. Photo by David Snyder.

by x2awatt 129

Across the Snow Field

On a hot late June day, a hiker crosses a snow field during a hike up Table Mountain in Idaho.

by Hoosiermuse 18

Huckleberry picking in the North Cascades

With Mount Challenger for company, Paula Ogden-Muse picks huckleberries for breakfast in North Cascades National Park. Photo by Jeff Muse.

by Hoosiermuse 14

Inmates sow seeds for prairie restoration

Through the Sustainable Prisons Project in Washington State, inmates at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center propagate plants for the prairies of South Puget Sound. Photo by Benjamin Drummond.

by cleary6717 50

Slickhorn Canyon Hike

Backpacking trek off Cedar Mesa, Utah 2007.

by rangerbighorn 28

Where's Whistler?

A long winter in Saint Mary, Montana sometimes means snowmobiling with your best buds. And sometimes finding your best buds mean crossing that fine line between isolation and insanity.

by rangerbighorn 67

Neon Canyon

A perfect spotlight in Neon Canyon, a tributary to the Escalante river in southern Utah.

by Alpine 1

Beautiful Day

My husband, Tom, fishing for salmon in Neah Bay, Washington last summer .

by Alpine 3

Rest Stop in the Wilderness

A long ago backpack trip in the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area, California.

by Alpine 3

Boys and a Stream

Grandsons playing in Fall Creek, Lane County, Oregon

by jottawalee 51

Pat and Hawk, Archaeologists

At the end of a long day of contract archaeology on the White Sands Missile Range, south of Alamogordo, NM, May 1987

by rchoi05 18

Ute dance

Young dancer at the Ute Mountain Bear Dance

by mhargadon 5
by mhargadon 4
by mhargadon 8
by hdoliver 8

Cattle Drive

Cattle being moved near Cortez, Colorado

by hdoliver 3

Dragging calves to the fire

HE is dragging a calf to the fire at a branding near Cortez, Colorado.

by coonrad 6

Quileute Fisherman

A Quileute fisherman stands on the banks of the Quileute river on a blustery February day. La Push, Washington.

by jdr 5

Fishing Buddies

Same place, same time, year after year.

by jdr 14

The Cowboy

Bringing the cows home in Nevada.

by jdr 14

USFS firefighters

A USFS fire crew still working after a long night on the fireline.

by ChrisBell 8

Drip Castle

Cow Swim campsite, Desolation Canyon of the Green, UT

by marlab 4

A Nuzzle Between Friends

Blue Barney and myself

by marlab 6

Our Birthday!

Bull calf, Pot Roast, born March 10, 2010 My birthday, too.

by marlab 19

What's in the Pocket?

Horses Sooner and Boo checking out my pockets.

by Billybear 5

High Noon

Looking over the ranch, Karl Knorr takes a lunchtime ride at 'High Noon'. Heeney Colorado...on the Blue River, in the Gore Range.

by readshelley 5

Blessings from the snow gods

BIG snow in Crested Butte, Colorado

by utahchrisp 16

Mono Crater Epic Ski Day

Monster storm hit the Southern Sierra Nevadas, providing ideal conditions for skiing the Mono Craters. This shot was taken as we skinned back up for the last run of the day.

by mlynne 33

Brother Bob

At the 100 Ranch near Carrizozo, New Mexico

by mlynne 21

Riding Drag and Eating Dirt

Toward the end of a hot, dry day spent rounding up cattle on the 100 Ranch near Carrizozo, New Mexico. Photo taken from horseback with a Nikon N90s.

by uptownlarrysmith 2

Welcome in Plains, Montana

People are actually friendly, but they don't come off that way initially.

by jbarnes 4

Heathens in God's Country

Back in 1980, two Colorado Plateau bums (Joel Barnes & Doug Hulmes) took a break near the old wooden suspension bridge along Highway 128 and the Colorado River, just outside of Moab, Utah. Until the bridge burned down several years ago, this bridge spanned the Colorado just downstream of the Dolores River confluence.

by uptownlarrysmith 3

Anselmo Mineyard, Butte Montana

Ed and John - many decades with the Anaconda Company, showing us the work they did.

by rschnitzer 16

Caddis Hatch

A fly angler enjoying an evening hatch on Montana's Madison River.

by rschnitzer 19

Sandboarding: Great Sand Dunes

Summer fun at Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park.

by rschnitzer 22

Riding Herd

Moving cattle in Wyoming's southern Wind River Range.

by fathernature 9

The West is a place to ponder eternity

This photo shows three college students, sitting in the rain/snow/sleet near Sheep Rock in central Oregon, mesmerized by the notion of time passing before their eyes and climate changing over time. Where are we headed as a Nation?

by benjohnson 7

Old Goat

Overlooking a canyon of the Bitterroot Valley, Montana.

by benjohnson 10

Playing Around

Having a little fun in Goblin Valley, UT

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