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  • It’s good to be impassioned!

    Jim Stiles confesses he’s mad as hell and wishes more people would feel the same.

  • Why one Nevada town is the last, smartest boomtown

    Steve Voynick praises Elko, Nevada, for getting ready for the inevitable gold-mining bust.

  • Wherever you go, sprawl isn't far behind

    A lifetime spent in California demonstrates how our flight from sprawl and development leads to more sprawl and development wherever we go

  • Why I'm thankful this Thanksgiving

    The things I am thankful for this week are still there: family, health, work, life in the rural West. But I have to scratch beneath world events to find them. I can no longer live as if my well-being depended only on me.

  • Surprise: Conservation counted in the last election

    To many people who care about the West's publicly owned lands, the Nov. 5 election results fell somewhere between disastrous and catastrophic.

  • A message to environmentalists from a wildlife biologist

    I should confess up-front that. although I'm an environmentalist and a wildlife biologist at a Western university, I admire ranchers. I should further confess that I live on a small piece of property near real ranches-- ones big enough to be home to cattl

  • My trysts with Miss November

    November out West: The spectacle of changing leaves has passed, the hills collecting snow are not yet blanketed in white, and daylight savings brings night time all too soon. It may sound innocent, but the season feels like a cruel and careless mistress t

  • Mexican workers in our towns want to legitimize their presence

    The hour was early, the high desert air was fall-frosty, and the coffee was, well, truly horrible. I'd arrived for my volunteer shift at a Catholic church in the western Colorado town of Delta, and I had a very bad feeling.

  • Ranchers band together to break a monopoly on marketing

    The next thing you might hear is a phone call from that same rancher to his or her congressman asking support for a ban on packer ownership of cattle. Packers are the people at the end of the line of raising a calf; they turn cattle into steaks and hambur

  • Wild times in the human weed patch

    I never knew how wild my corner of the West was until my daughter started playing volleyball. It had nothing to do with volleyball or the way it transforms giggling adolescent girls into snarling competitive animals.

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