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  • Life on the border, where education gets lost

    A young teacher’s first months at an impoverished, "under-performing" school on Arizona’s Tohomo O’odham Reservation are a difficult lesson in what it is like to try to survive in a war zone.

  • A Christmas tradition pueblo-style

    The writer treasures a lifetime of Christmas visits with silversmith Vidal Aragon and his family at Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico.

  • Public servants may go the way of the dodo

    The Bush administration’s plan to privatize federal jobs may be good for business, but bad for the environment and for workers.

  • Running Green is a learning experience

    An unsuccessful run for the Montana state Legislature turns into an educational experience for the Green Party candidate.

  • Medical use of marijuana is a states’ rights issue

    Throughout the West, there’s a slow and steady surge toward the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

  • Like Butte, Montana, an old dog hangs on

    A mysterious, mostly wild dog, fed by local miners, has somehow survived for 16 years in the desolate moonscape of a Superfund site -- the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Mont.

  • What Dick Cheney might have learned in Rock Springs,Wyoming

    Dick Cheney once lived in the boom-and-bust community of Rock Springs, Wyo., but didn’t learn there the lessons that he might have learned to help him deal with unintended consequences in a war against Iraq.

  • The view from ground zero at Oregon’s biggest fire in 100 years

    The Biscuit Fire, Oregon’s largest in 100 years, was said to have devastated most of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, but a backpacking trip leads the author to believe that the land is more resilient than people think.

  • Ranchers in the West should call it quits

    The writer says books like Ranching West of the 100th Meridian promote the false idea that Westerners must choose between condos and cows in a landscape never meant for cattle grazing.

  • Some lessons about coyotes stick in your mind

    The government agencies that use M-44s to kill coyotes claim that the cyanide causes a quick and painless death, but a rancher’s experience indicates that the truth is tragically different.

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