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  • Dreams for sale in Leadville, Colorado

    Every year, a new team of economic-development consultants comes to Leadville, Colo., to peddle false hopes about the troubled town’s future.

  • Reporters need to play a better numbers game

    None of the reporters covering the prospect of drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have gotten the numbers right on how much oil might actually be there

  • Compromise can take more courage than taking a stand

    Sometimes opponents have to work together to deal with thorny issues, as environmentalists and ranchers are trying to do in Idaho’s Owyhee County.

  • Lewis and Clark: Their footprints are gone

    A writer retraces the journey of Lewis and Clark, but finds that Montana’s growth and development have destroyed the wild West the explorers saw

  • The West’s cities should trump agriculture

    California’s agricultural elite is holding onto water that could better serve the state’s cities

  • The message of trees marked in blue

    Logging the few large trees still remaining in Western forests will not salvage the timber industry, help local towns or prevent future wildfires

  • The origin of names

    In a small town, nobody remembers your last name, but everybody knows who you are, and what you do

  • The bedbug letter, as it applies to overpopulation

    The son of immigrants reconsiders his pro-immigration stance after talking to the patriarch of a very large Mexican family

  • A timber mill’s demise shakes everybody up

    Environmentalists and timber workers can work together to create healthy local forests and economies, even in towns like Libby, Mont., where 300 people just lost their timber mill jobs

  • On the road with Edward Abbey, chaos as usual

    Thirty years ago, the writer took a road trip through the desert with Ed Abbey, and the memories still bring a smile

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