Photos that trace migrations through Yellowstone
Photos that trace migrations through Yellowstone
Ungulates overcome highways, rivers and other barriers while roaming the region.
A ‘war on the Republican establishment’ comes West
A ‘war on the Republican establishment’ comes West
Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon aims to unseat incumbents in the 2018 midterms.
A Wyoming county pursues a private immigration jail
A Wyoming county pursues a private immigration jail
A rural town hopes incarceration will boost its local economy.
The desert that breaks Annie Proulx’s heart
The desert that breaks Annie Proulx’s heart
Writer Annie Proulx takes an unsentimental view of Wyoming’s little-known and somewhat scarred Red Desert.
A town’s downtown is the new (old) way to live
Bill Croke celebrates his brand-new, old-fashioned lifestyle: living upstairs in an old brick building in downtown Salmon, Idaho.
Don’t call plugging wolves hunting
Derek Goldman criticizes Wyoming’s policy that allows wolves to be shot on sight.
The day the view died
Julianne Couch regrets that Laramie has now grown so much she can no longer recognize the familiar view she once loved to see as she drove into town.
Red Desert rarity
Wyoming moves to protect Adobe Town – but will the feds follow suit?
Preble’s mouse protection jumps to Colorado
Proposal would strip rare rodent of protection in Wyoming
Hatching a plan for sage grouse
A new report suggests the battle to protect the greater sage grouse in Wyoming must be fought on many fronts.
Educating the economy
Western communities such as Lander, Wyo., are suddenly working hard to lure new colleges to town
Down the alleys and through the collectibles
Bill Croke enjoys a rite of spring peculiar to small towns: Strolling the neighborhood alleys and snooping to see what everyone’s up to.
Picture a town that celebrates its old businesses
Linda Hasselstrom muses sadly over the closing of a 118-year-old drugstore in downtown Cheyenne, Wyo.
The Land of the Dry
A Westerner makes the disconcerting discovery that as we age, the high, dry West we love isn't so good for our moisture-loving bodies, and the only cure is a trip to the beach.
Heard around the West
Worms at work; stupid hunter tricks; fighting starlings with falcons; cemetery soccer; Schweitzer’s dang-tootin’; Mount Rushmoo
Spinning coal into gasoline
Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is eager to build a synfuels plant to turn coal into diesel, but it will neither easy nor cheap to make gas gasification a reality in the West
When a gas pipeline blows, you get out fast
When the Windsor gas pipeline blew out near Clark, Wyo., in August, local people were kept in the dark about a dangerous situation
News from the gas fields
Roughneck is a two-year-old monthly devoted to covering the oil and gas industry in Sublette County, Wyoming
The Fourth Wave
With uranium prices rising, speculators are looking anew at busted mining towns like Jeffrey City, Wyo., but locals have learned to be skeptical
Energy workers, union members protest drilling
In Wyoming, oil and gas workers and the Wyoming AFL-CIO have joined environmentalists, ranchers and homeowners in protesting the sale of energy leases in the Wyoming Range of Bridger-Teton National Forest
Stargazer aims his scopes at gas industry
Astronomer Perry Walker uses his stargazing tools and skills to work with the oil and gas industry to prevent air pollution in Wyoming
Tapping into energy's fringe
As energy companies go after "unconventional" natural gas – such as tight-sands gas and coalbed methane –the environmental impacts are becoming increasingly apparent
Energy companies plow some profits back into Western ground
Raymond Plank, chairman of Apache Corp., says responsible companies like his prove that the energy industry can reduce its environmental impacts and give more back to local communities