Mapping wolf dispersal
Mapping wolf dispersal
A Northern Rockies wolf may have been spotted at the Grand Canyon.
The Latest: Wyoming’s wolf delisting thrown out
The Latest: Wyoming’s wolf delisting thrown out
A U.S. District Court hands management back to the feds.
Sweeping new rule for Alaska's predator control
Sweeping new rule for Alaska's predator control
Federal versus state wildlife politics get even hotter.
Video: Still howling wolf
Video: Still howling wolf
The passionate and complicated feelings people have about living with wolves in the Northern Rockies.
Drilling, wolves, guns and plutonium
“Drill here, drill now!” on the ground and in Western politics; Northern Rockies wolves protected again – and on the move; Obama backs Second Amendment; gas pains in the West; plutonium spill in Boulder.
Don’t call plugging wolves hunting
Derek Goldman criticizes Wyoming’s policy that allows wolves to be shot on sight.
Agency probes wolf-baiting claims
Reintroduction program now clouded by investigation
Canis fiasco
A chaotic effort to restore Mexican wolves in New Mexico and a problem with too many elk in Colorado are two facets of the same problem: Our propensity to manage nature in very unnatural ways.
Wolves have a reputation that’s larger than life
Some hunters are blaming the Big Bad Wolf for a decline in the northern Yellowstone elk herd, but Dan Whipple points out that recent weather – and Montana hunting policy – are more likely to be responsible.
Two weeks in the West
Forest Service faces budget cuts; Rural Schools Act dies; local governments may have to pay more firefighting costs; user fees upheld; grazing fees go down; Klamath dams may fall; livestock killed by wolves, and wolves killed; and UFOs in the West.
Mass wolf kill rests on shaky science
Idaho’s Fish and Game Department wants to boost dwindling elk numbers by killing wolves in the Lolo management zone
First fatal wolf attack recorded in North America?
A 22-year-old Canadian man, whose partially eaten body was found in the woods of northern Saskatchewan, may represent the first documented instance of a human being killed by healthy wolves in North America
Bringing back the wolf = bringing back the habitat
In Decade of the Wolf: Returning the Wolf to Yellowstone, biologist Douglas Smith and nature writer Gary Ferguson seek to separate myth from reality in the long and turbulent saga of the wolf