Latest: A setback for a Las Vegas pipeline
Latest: A setback for a Las Vegas pipeline
Judge tells BLM to redo plans for compensating for wildlife habitat that would be lost to massive groundwater project.
California water project could cramp Colorado River plan
California water project could cramp Colorado River plan
If the Delta tunnels deal sinks, it could mean increased pressure on the already-strapped Colorado.
Gun-toting cats; bird killers; plastic bottles return
Gun-toting cats; bird killers; plastic bottles return
Mishaps and mayhem from around the region.
A loss for Klamath dam and water deals
Changes in dam operations to mitigate terrible water quality are now likely
Tell me sweet little lies...
Doublespeak in the bottled water industry.
Welcome to the era of scarcity
Welcome to the era of scarcity
Arguing about water is a beloved Western pastime, but as the snowpack shrinks, Coloradoans are going to find themselves seriously fighting over what’s left in the Colorado River.
How low will it go?
How low will it go?
If Eric Kuhn is right about the Colorado River, then the state faces a dry and difficult future of fighting for water.
Mo' Money...
...mo' solutions?
TBD stands for...
...Texas Billionaire Developer.
The Cone of Uncertainty
We don't know jack about how climate change will affect the Colorado Basin.
Woman on the water
Heather Wylie talks about taking on the feds and floating the L.A. River.
Water buffaloes in the mist
Time to move over, guys -- the Colorado watering hole is getting crowded.
Non-navigable River Blues
Non-navigable River Blues
An obscure legal ruling muddied U.S. water-protection standards, leaving Western intermittent streams and rivers unprotected.
California salmon slip under the wire
A plan to remove five dams on Battle Creek gets the go-ahead -- just in time.
Shell game
Oil shale speculation on the western slope may rearrange Colorado water rights in unexpected ways.
That dam economy again?
Feds shut down Yakima Black Rock Reservoir proposal over cost concerns.
California water conflicts heat up
Calls for reform, lawsuits, illegal diversions and another drought year
Desperate measures
Desperate measures
Over the years, Westerners have come up with a lot of wacky schemes to get more water.
Ultimate solution?
Southern California wants to use desalination to increase its water supply, but critics think the idea needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
Peak economy
Westerners shouldn’t panic about the recent economic meltdown; our region has always cycled from boom to bust and back again.
Dam deal advances Bush's Klamath River agenda
Will salmon advocates win the battle for dam removal but lose the Klamath salmon war?
Water Banks, the ESA and the Public Trust Doctrine
A complex subject with vast implications for the West’s future.
Liquid assets
California is enthusiastic about creating “water banks” to help the state’s cities weather future droughts.