The turkey industry catches a break with Trump
The turkey industry catches a break with Trump
The EPA’s regulatory rollbacks are helpful for poultry producer profit margins.
Fish and Wildlife retracts opposition to Arizona project
Fish and Wildlife retracts opposition to Arizona project
As Trump sidelines science, the agency flips on San Pedro River development.
Standing sentinel over the Umpqua River’s steelhead
Standing sentinel over the Umpqua River’s steelhead
A Buddhist fly-angler in Oregon protects fish from death by dynamite.
Slashing water welfare
Bureau of Reclamation sets new rules to prevent corporate farms from using subsidized water meant for family farms.
So far, it is the rivers of the region that have suffered
An excerpt from T.H. Watkins' Stone Time describes how Major John Wesley Powell tried to warn people 100 years ago that there was not enough water in the West to irrigate as they desired.
One project seems like the same old BuRec
Despite evidence it's a boondoggle, Southwestern Colorado's Animas-LaPlata is still slated for construction in order to meet treaty obligations to Ute Indian tribes.
Grand Canyon flood postponed
A plan to let the Colorado River flood for one week through Grand Canyon is delayed, to the chagrin of environmentalists.
Dams were built on breathless prose
A 1965 Bureau of Reclamation booklet declaimed the glories of building Glen Canyon Dam.
The fight for Reclamation
New Commissioner of Reclamation Dan Beard seeks to make his agency more environmentally sensitive.
Environmentalists and feds try to save Idaho's rivers
Environmental groups seek federal remedies to improve the Snake River's flows.
River purity is a new goal for all sorts offarmers
Catfish farmer Don Campbell is one of many Idaho farmers who want to help restore the Snake River.
No more ignoring the obvious: Idaho sucks itself dry
Overpumping has drained Idaho's Snake River acquifer until rivers like the Big Lost run dry.
Albuquerque learns it really is a desert town
Uncontrolled growth and the relocation of Intel Corporation to Albuquerque force the city to re-elvaluate its water policy.
Another water project is drowned
The controversial Homestake II water project is defeated.
Horses must back off
Horses are banned from acequia because of pollution problems.
BuRec to allow water thefts to continue
BuRec backs off from water-spreading reforms.
Eight charged with bombing a river
A former rafting guide is among eight men indicted for dynamiting Arizona's Quartzite Falls.
On Friday, the fish took some of it back
Los Angeles is forced to start returning water to the Owen River Gorge.
Ripples grow when a dam dies
After the defeat of the proposed Two Forks Dam, Colorado water policy changes radically.
Who's who in water spreading
A brief guide to groups involved in water-spreading issues.
Nevada Water Forum
Findings of Nevada Water Forums are published.
Babbitt helps a river
Babbitt thwarts hydroelectric project in Klamath Falls when he declares an 11-mile stretch of the Klamath a National Scenic River.
Leopold floats us to an understanding
Chip Rawlins reviews A View of the River by Luna Leopold.