Utah is headed into a water battle it can’t win
Utah is headed into a water battle it can’t win
Why is this fiscally conservative state pushing an expensive diversion project?
A Southwest water dispute reaches the Supreme Court
A Southwest water dispute reaches the Supreme Court
Why a fight over groundwater has left farmers in New Mexico feeling stranded.
Traversing the mighty Colorado River
Traversing the mighty Colorado River
A writer sets out on a geographic journey to understand the imperiled water source.
A divine business
A divine business
In Bozeman, Mont., 78-year-old Vern Bandy says he finds water using the legendary art of dowsing.
The fracking fracas
Will Congress protect our right to clean water?
Westland takes its toys home
Irrigation district pulls out of Bay Delta Conservation Plan
The water footprint scam
Accurate prices are better than feel-good metrics
Draining the tub
Draining the tub
Lake Mead has dropped below its record low, and the reservoir's future does not look good.
Dam removal for dummies
Dam removal for dummies
A how-to guide to free-flowing rivers, with illustrations from Oregon's recently removed Gold Ray Dam.
News of a parched West continues to flow
And the Colorado continues to dry
How bad projects get built
Don't spend $5 for something worth $2
The Public Trust makes a comeback in California
California activists make a desperate effort to stop the dewatering of rivers and streams
A new twist in an old contention
Concerns about "exporting water"
The Amargosa
River of life
One step forward, one step back
We still suck at managing exempt wells
Who is the California Farm Water Coalition?
If you want to know who has skin in the game, follow the money
Rain rights
A big little change in Colorado's rainwater harvesting rules.
Big Ag sells to Big Urban
Finding the right price for water trading
Hula on the hill
Hula on the hill
In Butte, Mont., a giant hula dance calls attention to the polluted water in the Berkeley Pit.
Thinking broadly about dams in the West
Big dams, little dams - it's a complex issue.
Encounters with the Ex-Secretary
Bruce Babbitt lets loose
A river again?
A river again?
The EPA extends Clean Water Act protection to L.A.'s urban watershed.
A water economist's hot links
David Zetland speed blogs Western water