Tribal Affairs

How will Medicaid cuts affect health care in Indian Country?
How will Medicaid cuts affect health care in Indian Country?
The U.S. government is poised to limit funding for Indian Health Services.
The Seri adapt to climate change in the desert
The Seri adapt to climate change in the desert
Researchers are working to document traditional ecological knowledge.
Religious communities are taking on climate change
Religious communities are taking on climate change
Churches that have long played a role in social justice are stepping up.
Court decision leaves tribes dangling
Court decision leaves tribes dangling
Critics say the Supreme Court continues to give justification to gut treaties and rob tribes of their land.
Going it alone
Threatened by climate change, Alaskan native villages receive little help from the federal government.
The cost of progress
Five extraordinary women tested for seventy-five peculiar toxins.
A midnight lease on the mesa
An appeal filed today challenges a hasty permit revision for Arizona's Black Mesa Complex.
Blood Quantum
Blood Quantum
The system that determines membership in most American Indian tribes could threaten the survival of those tribes.
set categories
On Cancer’s Trail
The women in Stefanie Raymond-Whish’s family have a history of breast cancer, and the young Navajo biologist wants to know whether the uranium on the reservation might have something to do with it.
Sovereign immunity on trial
Recent court decision puts tribal governments at risk
The Longest Walk 2
Native trek for the Earth passes through Colorado
Tribe takes on toxic waste
The Navajo Nation creates its own version of Superfund
President Bush would jettison Indian health for ideology
Jennifer Perez Cole and Steve Woodruff criticize President Bush for holding
Problems in Paradise
The brutal murder of a Japanese tourist shines an unwelcome spotlight on the social problems plaguing Arizona’s beautiful but troubled Havasupai Reservation
Tribe close to sharing federal bison refuge
The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes will begin sharing management of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Bison Range Complex in Montana
Tribes fight to clear the roads for salmon
Twenty tribes file suit against the state of Washington, saying that the state violates treaty rights by not repairing the thousands of culverts that prevent endangered salmon from returning to their spawning grounds.
How do you define sacred?
A Comanche writer points out that Native Americans rarely agree on anything, including sacred places and spirituality, but believes that the discussion is good for us and that common sense can lead to mutual respect.