Renewable Energy

Regulators dampen hopes for tribal solar project
Regulators dampen hopes for tribal solar project
The Moapa Solar Energy Center would have provided 175 megawatts to Nevada's largest utility.
Alaska’s energy labs
Alaska’s energy labs
Hybrid technologies help distribute power in isolated communities.
The linchpin to a national supergrid
The linchpin to a national supergrid
Clovis, New Mexico, may link three grids and become a renewable energy hub.
Soakin’ in southwestern Colorado
In the town of Ouray, geothermal energy is an irreplaceable asset.
Renewable law leaves the gate
The Colorado Public Utilities Commission finally releases rules for implementing Amendment 37, the state’s renewable standards law
The windy West gains influential support
The writer sees wind power gaining ground with smart businesses
Organics and biofuels bring independence
More Montana farmers are starting to raise oilseed crops and produce their own biofuels to save on energy costs
Forget idealism
With the demand for renewable energy growing and the costs falling, solar and wind power have moved out of the realm of idealism into that of the marketplace
Birds get a break from blades
More than half the windmills on California’s Altamont Pass will shut down for two months this winter so migrating birds can pass safely through the area
Renewable Energy Standards: How do states match up?
Six Western states now have renewable energy standards
Blades, birds and bats: Wind energy and wildlife not a cut-and-dried issue
Wind farms are working to make their turbines less hazardous to birds and bats
The Winds of Change
Colorado citizens voted last November to increase their state’s reliance on power from the wind and sun, but King Coal still rules the state, and the White House seems determined to keep it on the throne
Easterners tilt at windmills while Westerners joust with a real foe
Cape Cod’s opposition to a proposed offshore wind farm sounds crazy to Westerners, who would gladly exchange nuclear waste dumps, coal mines and gas wells for some renewable energy