Macho moose; thousand-dollar bobcat; lost in Dark Canyon
Macho moose; thousand-dollar bobcat; lost in Dark Canyon
Mishaps and mayhem from around the region.
In Utah, public access to state lands comes at a cost
In Utah, public access to state lands comes at a cost
Public access to trust lands varies widely from state to state.
Advice from Moab’s mayor: Be careful what you wish for
Advice from Moab’s mayor: Be careful what you wish for
As his final term ends, Dave Sakrison weighs the cost of decades of transformation.
Developer blocks trail to a famous 'fourteener'
Texas developer Rusty Nichols has barred public access to Wilson Peak, a Colorado "fourteener" popular with climbers
Why this 'seasonal' rides the public’s range
The writer looks for lightning strikes in Grand Teton National Park
In the nation's most dangerous park, the desert's heat still beats
In Organ Pipe: Life on the Edge, Carol Ann Bassett pays homage to Organ Pipe National Monument and the strange beauty of the desert
Revamped road to Chaco may be the park's ruin
Archaeologists are worried that a plan to upgrade the 16-mile gravel road to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico could lead to more tourism and possibly harm the park’s fragile ruins
Mountain bike association wheels into national parks
The National Park Service has agreed to explore opening some of the parks to mountain biking
Learning from Moab's example
In the North Fruita Desert of western Colorado, the BLM has come up with a plan to enable motorized and non-motorized recreationists to share the outdoors
Moab: On the horns of a recreation dilemma
Some of the residents of the Moab, Utah, area are losing patience with out-of-control off-highway recreation, and looking to the BLM to bring things under control
I say good riddance to bad billboards
The writer wants to clearcut the thicket of billboards lining gateway towns to Yellowstone National Park
The Hayduke Trail: A Guide to the Backcountry Hiking Trail on the Colorado Plateau
In The Hayduke Trail, Joe Mitchell and Mike Coronella give you all the information – and motivation – you’ll need to set off on foot into the Canyon Country
Why should the Arctic Refuge matter to the ski industry?
If the United States doesn’t come up with an intelligent energy strategy, global warming could spell the end of the ski industry
My kind of river flows fast and gritty brown
The writer defines freedom as canoeing with kids down a fast-flowing Colorado river in spring
Skiing, or wheeling and dealing?
Ski resorts become a tool for real estate speculation and development across the West.
Mickey Moose and the West’s newest frontier
The writer says eco-tourism in Yellowstone might — just might — be a good thing
Ski areas' 'green' image not backed by action
Two researchers say that the "Sustainable Slopes" program, touted by the National Ski Areas Association as a sign of the industry’s environmental responsibility, is little more than "greenwashing"
Ski areas must move to end white on white
The writer says ski areas have the need and the obligation to expand their patronage beyond whites
On the dark side of the park: a ranger's memoir
Jordan Fisher Smith’s Nature Noir: A Park Ranger’s Patrol in the Sierra explores a part of California that is not easy to love
The Far East yearns for the Wild West
The writer visits an Old West theme park in Japan and compares it to theme parks close to his home in South Dakota
You don’t need a motor to experience Yellowstone
The writer takes issue with Interior Secretary Gale Norton for seeing only motors when she tours Yellowstone National Park
Snowmaking on sacred slopes stirs controversy
The Arizona Snowbowl ski area wants to use Flagstaff’s treated wastewater for snowmaking, but 13 American Indian tribes, who regard the San Francisco Peaks as sacred, are fighting the plan
Let's not ram more boats through the Grand Canyon
Even though the river is their livelihood, most river guides oppose the Park Service’s plan to increase the number of boats allowed in the Colorado River in Grand Canyon