The Kumeyaay poet who’s disrupting nature poetry
The Kumeyaay poet who’s disrupting nature poetry
Tommy Pico merges natural and personal history of the arid West from Brooklyn, New York.
The border as a ‘weaponized’ landscape
The border as a ‘weaponized’ landscape
Border Patrol agent-turned-author Francisco Cantú examines his experiences.
A map of language charted by Navajo philosophy
A map of language charted by Navajo philosophy
Esther Belin is trying to shape a uniquely Navajo way of writing.
Green investor Hal Brill: Bringing the Money Home
Investment advisor Hal Brill has found a way to help investors follow their conscience, succeed as socially responsible people, and get a return on their dollars.
Wrecking homes for open space: Philanthropist Jennifer Speers
Jennifer Speers, a Salt Lake city resident with a legacy from her great-grandfather of stopping development along the Palisades in New York and New Jersey and a strong bent toward conservation, buys the Rio Colorado property, and pulls down Moab developer
Connecting Indian Country: Talk-show host Harlan McKosato
New Mexico’s Harlan McKosato sees his radio show, Native America Calling, as an "electronic talking circle" that helps build bridges between cultures
Persistence frees the Mokelumne: River advocate Pete Bell
Former rock-n-roll drummer Pete Bell is dedicated to keeping California’s Mokelumne River as free-flowing as possible
Creating immigrant leaders: Labor organizer Ramon Ramirez
Ramon Ramirez of PCUN, the Northwestern Treeplanters and Farmworkers United, fights on behalf of the rights of immigrants, at home in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and across the globe
Solving the puzzle of chronic wasting disease: Veterinarian Beth Williams
Dr. Beth Williams of the University of Wyoming’s State Veterinary Lab is a leading expert in chronic wasting disease who has provided some of the only clear answers to a disease that is ravaging wild deer and elk herds
Saving a sacred lake: Zuni activist Pablo Padilla
Zuni Tribe member and law student Pablo Padilla helped lead a triumphant fight against a coal strip mine planned near Zuni Salt Lake in New Mexico, a site sacred to Native Americans
Want to protect a river? Get out and swim it
Christopher Swain talks about the year he spent swimming the entire 1,243-mile length of the Columbia River to help raise awareness of the river and its problems
A native son of Oregon writes of heartbreak, determination
Writer David James Duncan talks about his "insane passion for rivers" and the broken hearts of Westerners
'Horse Whisperer' wins a round in natural gas fight
Montana rancher Buck Brannaman talks about the fight he and his wife, Mary, have been waging to protect their land from exploitation by an energy company
Author says we'll 'match the scenery' whether we like it or not
In Soul of Nowhere, writer Craig Childs explores the rugged canyons of the southwest and the ruins left behind by past civilizations that did their best to "match the scenery" yet still perished.
Conversation with a cowboy conservationist
Cowboy poet, rancher and environmentalist Wally McRae talks about the romance of the range and the hard reality of things like coal development in Montana.
Sherman Alexie in his own words
Writer Sherman Alexie talks about Hollywood, tokenism and being an Indian.
'Scholarship, sainthood and simplicity'
Frank C. Craighead Jr. is remembered as a famous grizzly bear authority, an environmentalist and a writer who lived consistently with his principles.
The Rio Grande's unsung diplomat
Rafter and river advocate Steve Harris tries to work with local farmers to preserve the Rio Grande in New Mexico.
Integrity and passion
Arizona biologist and teacher W.L. Minckley is remembered as a man of integrity and passion.
A local heroine
Chemist, zoologist and former local pharmacist Theo Colborn visits Paonia with a TV crew to be filmed for an episode of "Superteachers: Wisdom for the Future," part of a Japanese public television series.
The sublime delight of backtracking
For 20 years, David Bertelsen has been in love with the same five-mile trail up Finger Rock Canyon north of Tucson, keeping track of its animal and plant life and watching out for the well-being of a fragile landscape.
A journalist, and much more
Writer and organic farmer Donella Meadows is remembered as a journalist, and much more.