Senate opens a path to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Senate opens a path to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
However, several more steps would have to happen for drilling to be authorized.
Canadian First Nations call for eviction of fish farms
Canadian First Nations call for eviction of fish farms
British Columbia protests are rooted in a deeper conversation on Indigenous rights.
West Obsessed: The Bundy trial looms in Las Vegas
West Obsessed: The Bundy trial looms in Las Vegas
Editor Tay Wiles unpacks how the legal dispute embodies this political moment.
Democrats gag on bitter budget pills
Democrats fight Republican anti-environment riders attached to the budget bill as the 1996 budget struggle continues.
Greens want to draft Nader
The Green Party will run a candidate against Republican Sen. Pete Domenici in New Mexico, and also wants to draft Ralph Nader as a presidential candidate.
Yellowtail throws in his hat
Montana environmentalists rejoice at Bill Yellowtail's decision to run for the congressional seat vacated by Rep. Pat Williams.
Greenbacks shape campaigns
Idaho Rep. Helen Chenoweth is accused of misusing money; Utah's Enid Waldholtz will retire; Colorado Democrats are divided over ethics of accepting PAC money; in Oregon Peter DeFazio drops out of race to replace Mark Hatfield.
Idaho could move toward the center
Walt Minnick will run as a Democrat against Republican Larry Craig in Idaho for the Senate.
Wyden squeaks in
Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden wins narrowly over Republican Gordon Smith in the election to replace Sen. Bob Packwood.
Budget impasse leaves BLM scrambling
Washington, D.C.'s budget impasse throws BLM offices throughout the West into turmoil.
Williams leaves, Montana scrambles
Republican challengers race to fill the seat abandoned by retiring Democratic Rep. Pat Williams.
Big shoes empty in Oregon
Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden and Republican Gordon Smith battle acrimoniously for Bob Packwood's vacant senate seat.
Who felt the federal furlough?
During the 21-day federal furlough, some wealthy areas and industries such as skiing and logging keep going, while the West's poorest counties and its Indian reservations scramble to survive.
They're stepping down
Western Republicans Mark Hatfield of Oregon and Alan Simpson of Wyoming announce their retirement from Congress.
Allard takes aim
Colorado Rep. Wayne Allard inserts anti-environmental provisions into the 1995 Farm Bill.
To comment on the Utah Wilderness bills
Addresses of Senate and Representative offices to comment on the Utah Wilderness bills.
Saga of Enid Waldholtz
Utah Republican Enid Waldholtz faces a bid for her seat in Congress by Democrat Karen Shepherd, while allegations of financial impropriety embroil her and her husband, Joe Waldholtz.
Congress' war against nature creates backlash
The anti-environment onslaught of the Republican Congress begins to falter as a backlash makes its presence felt.
Voters say yes to elk, no to takings, jets
In the Nov. 7 elections, environmental initiatives, like other initiatives, lost if they would have cost taxpayers money.
Untangling Washington
Congressional Green Sheets' "The Environment and Energy Weekly Bulletin" is reviewed.
Sinclair Lewis' George Babbitt would be at home in this Congress
A rereading of Sinclair Lewis' "Babbitt" helps the writer understand the anti-intellectual neo-Babbitts in today's Republic Congress.
To save a Utah canyon, a BLM ranger quits and turns activist
Former BLM ranger Skip Edwards fights to preserve Utah's Westwater Canyon as wilderness at the same time that miner Ron Pene seeks to develop his family's mining claims in the canyon.
Congress is reworking 100 years of federal policy
Right-wing Republicans in control of Congress plan sweeping change that will transform the West and roll back 100 years of progress.