U.S. House moves to streamline water projects
U.S. House moves to streamline water projects
A controversial bill would weaken states’ control over water.
History tells us Donald Trump’s presidency is over
History tells us Donald Trump’s presidency is over
State governments have gone through similar crises — usually with a predictable end.
Do we have too many national monuments? 4 essential reads
Do we have too many national monuments? 4 essential reads
How might Trump’s administration unmake a monument, and what’s at stake? Experts offer some answers.
James Watt charged with felonies
Former Interior Secretary James Watt is indicted by a federal grand jury for lying to Congress and obstructing an investigation of fraud.
The word according to a weighty Republican
Alaska Republican Don Young, new chairman of the House Resource Committee, denounces environmentalism and offers his own conservative philosophy.
Democrats resort to banana bread
Formerly powerful California Democrats George Miller and Henry Waxman are lost in the new, Republican Washington.
Trimming pork the green way
The Green Scissors Report offers environmental suggestions for trimming federal budget.
Governor overrules voters
Republican Gov. Fife Symington overrules Arizona voters on takings legislation.
Cecil Andrus knew how to take a stand
Former Idaho governor Cecil Andrus leaves a legacy of environmental reform - and controversy - behind him.
A Newtonian vision
Ultra-conservatives want to turn over public lands and national parks to the states and strip budgets of Interior and the Forest Service.
Feds targeted by louder thunder from below
More than 500 attend conservative Western summit in January.
Environmental records of ranking Republican members ofcommittees addressing natural resource issues
Chart showing voting record percentages on natural resource issues by Republican members of committees addressing natural resource issues, 103rd Congress.
Goodbye, New West; hello lords of yesterday: Dispatches from the field
Reporters give state-by-state election results for the West.
Election '94 postmortem
Environmentalists' nightmares come true in '94 election.
Blow, whistleblowers, blow
Hazel O'Leary proposes reform to protect whistleblowers at the Department of Energy.
Wise-use power is overblown; the real threat is apathy
Writer says the environmental movement has not lost clout yet.
Environmentalists mostly skunked by Congress
Environmentalists fare poorly in the 103rd Congress.
As elections near, green hopes wilt
Environmentalists face upcoming elections with some anxiety.
Mike Synar loses
Democrat Mike Synar loses Oklahoma primary.
Inspector commits "career suicide'
Federal safety inspector Steve Jones is fired after publicizing dangers of chemical weapons incineration at Tooele Army Depot.
Babbitt thrives in crossfire of industry, environmentalists
Bruce Babbitt takes environmentalists' and ranchers' criticism in stride.
Glitz and growth take a major hit in Santa Fe
Newly elected Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo promises progressive, populist changes.
Baca is still fighting
Jim Baca says in Reno speech that environmental grass roots of West have to be reinvigorated.