Nuclear Energy

Regulators release report on viability of nuclear waste storage at Yucca
Regulators release report on viability of nuclear waste storage at Yucca
But it doesn't mean the Nevada site is safe — or even back on the docket.
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Review of “Downwind: A People’s History of the Nuclear West” by Sarah Alisabeth Fox.
Ruling green lights temporary nuclear waste storage
Ruling green lights temporary nuclear waste storage
With no central underground depository, above-ground casks will have to do.
The Hanford Whistleblowers
The Hanford Whistleblowers
For decades, insiders have reported problems in the cleanup of our worst nuclear mess — but is anyone listening?
Wastin' away in New Mexico
Louisiana Energy Services, a European-based company, breaks ground on the first uranium enrichment facility in the U.S. near Eunice, N.M.
Retooling a Leviathan
The nation’s nuclear infrastructure is aging, and in need of very expensive – and very complicated – retooling just to survive
The Hot West
Graphics show the location of the West’s nuclear sites and uranium sources, and the nuclear fuel cycle is described
Navajo Windfall
The Navajo Nation is fighting to keep uranium mining off the reservation, but eager uranium companies are determined to mine– and the federal government is on their side
The Fourth Wave
With uranium prices rising, speculators are looking anew at busted mining towns like Jeffrey City, Wyo., but locals have learned to be skeptical
With global warming an increasing threat, some are urging a return to nuclear energy, but the industry’s own checkered past reminds us that a nuclear renaissance will be neither easy nor cheap
Nuclear energy isn’t clean or a solution
The writer says uranium mining and nuclear power take us back to a past of unsolved problems
Atomic comics
Historian and professor Ferenc Szasz says comics were used to reassure the public about nuclear issues during the 1940s and ‘50s
New Mexico: A nuclear homeland?
Lea County, N.M., is courting Louisiana Energy Services, a company that wants to build a uranium-enrichment facility to create fuel for nuclear power plants