A military legacy loosens its grip on a landscape
A military legacy loosens its grip on a landscape
Plans for Colorado’s Camp Hale balance restoration and commemoration.
Wild spaces define who we are as Americans
Wild spaces define who we are as Americans
A veteran explains why public lands are what he fought to protect.
A way of unforgetting
A way of unforgetting
Author Lauret Savoy on tracing personal and national history through landscapes.
New Redeye Proposed
The Colorado Air National Guard offers a revised plan for F-16 pilots at Redeye.
Biowarfare is back
The army resumes chemical weapons testing at the Dugway Proving Ground.
A bird, a plane, no, a missile
Rep. Karen Shepherd spearheads resistance to missile flyovers in Utah.
Incineration plans burn up some Utahns
The Army defends its plans to incinerate chemical weapons stockpiles.
Utah boosters welcome missiles
The military hears public comment on launching missile tests from Green River, Utah, to White Sands, NM.
'Volunteers' poisoned
The Pentagon confirms chemical weapons testing on U.S. soldiers during WWII.
Missile plan shoots for the West
The military wants to launch missiles from Utah into New Mexico.
Bombing stopped at refuge
Navy target practice stops at a Washington coast wildlife refuge.
Two reports warn of radioactive bullets
Depleted uranium bullets threaten radioactive contamination on military testing ranges.
The military's top guns collide with an angry valley
Air Force flights from the Redeye Air Force Base anger local residents in Colorado.
Slipping through BLM cracks
A whistle blower reveals that stray bombs hit public lands in Nevada.