Lost in the woods
Lost in the woods
How the Forest Service is botching 4FRI, its biggest restoration project.
Canada’s boreal forests are burning
Canada’s boreal forests are burning
And releasing loads of carbon.
Joshua trees may be migrating north in response to climate change
Face it: All forests are "sluts"
Face it: All forests are "sluts"
If an allegedly untouched piece of woodland is "virgin forest," what does that make a forest that’s been logged or burnt or otherwise used by humans over the years?
Living with trees
Living with trees
In Between Earth and Sky, Nadlini Nadkarni ponders the ways in which trees sustain human beings.
Film: Lens of compassion
Peter Richardson created an independent film called Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon, to illuminate a culture clash that was tearing his hometown apart
Stirring the pot
The North Coast Journal has been published in Arcata, Calif., for almost 18 years by Judy Hodgson, a journalist who believes in stirring the pot
Fire and the warming West
The writer says this summer's wildfires reflect the increasing impacts from drought and global climate change
Montana Sen. Conrad Burns spotlights a bad burn policy
The writer says Montana Sen. Conrad Burns may have been guilty of insulting fire fighters, but at least he focused us on fire policy
Where there's fire, there's global warming
Climate scientist Anthony Westerling is working to illuminate the connection between rising global temperatures and the increasing ferocity of the West’s forest fires
Tribes look to cash in with 'tree-market' environmentalism
The Nez Perce Tribe is trying to combat global warming – and make a few bucks – by planting trees for carbon dioxide sequestration
Hobby miners flock to public streams
Amateur gold prospectors are invading the West’s publicly owned streams, and environmentalists say the hobby’s popularity threatens fish and the environment
Spotted owl or red herring?
Although logging has declined drastically in the Pacific Northwest, it’s not necessarily the fault of the Endangered Species Act or the northern spotted owl.