Energy & Industry

War of the words
War of the words
New oil and gas ‘codebook’ aims to help the public muddle through the fracking debate
Manmade quakes shake the Southwest
Manmade quakes shake the Southwest
Tremors in Colorado and New Mexico linked to coalbed methane extraction.
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Review of “Downwind: A People’s History of the Nuclear West” by Sarah Alisabeth Fox.
The West from 30,000 feet
A daytime flight reveals diverse landscapes and the hand of humankind on the land.
Pushed to the wall, we can power down
Pushed to the wall, we can power down
Tim Lydon tells how Juneau, Alaska, cut its energy consumption by over 40 percent when its electricity supply was interrupted by avalanches.
Energy future: geothermal
Interior announces plan to make 190 million acres of Western federal land available for development.
Dove Creek Dreams
Change is coming to this corner of Colorado. It's yellow.
ABC censors clean energy ad
Saying that Big Oil buys influence is apparently not something you can do on prime-time TV.
Field Day
In some Western states, including Colorado, prison inmates are taking the place of immigrant farmworkers.
Bureau of Land Ravagement?
The BLM has waived environmental review of energy projects thousands of times in Utah and Wyoming.
We've heard the "drill now" drumbeat before
Jimmy Carter’s energy plan – especially his promotion of synfuels development – would have been disastrous for the West.
Nothing left to lose
Contaminated lands could get second life through renewable-energy development.
Drilling setback in Nine Mile Canyon
BLM did not adequately assess potential damage to ancient rock art and archaeological sites.