Energy & Industry

War of the words
War of the words
New oil and gas ‘codebook’ aims to help the public muddle through the fracking debate
Manmade quakes shake the Southwest
Manmade quakes shake the Southwest
Tremors in Colorado and New Mexico linked to coalbed methane extraction.
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Tragedy, coincidence and patterns
Review of “Downwind: A People’s History of the Nuclear West” by Sarah Alisabeth Fox.
Another public lands giveaway?
BLM opens southeastern Montana to more drilling. But the state has new tools to protect the area.
Dreaming of an oily (and gassy) Christmas
BLM official blasts the Bush drilling push.
What goes around comes around
A student protester puts one over on the BLM.
Real ecoterrorism
A little perspective from south of the border.
Copper death spiral
An elegant illustration of a boom and bust.
Black Sunday again!?!
The gas boom time warp.
Staying connected
Burning wood indoors keeps you connected to the outdoors.
Oh mining boom, we hardly knew ya...
The global metals bust deepens.
It's still a giveaway
BLM's change of heart on energy development in Utah is a drop in the bucket.
Grabbed my shovel and I went to the mine
America's coal miners: predominately young, female, and/or shirtless.